Everything you want awaits you behind a door!

    Doors to life

    What ever it is that you want out of life. It is hiding behind a door. All you have to do is open up the door and go through the shit inside the room until you get to what it is that door was hiding. The thing that is contained behind each door is very different and no two doors contain the same thing. This means a lot of things. The meanings you should derive from this right now is that what ever you can possibly imagine that you want in this world. It is hiding behind one of the invite doors in the universe. All you have to do if you want it, Open the fucking door.

    Conquer These Two Obstacles

    Now there lies two clear obstacles that can show why people are not getting what they want out of life if everything the want is out there and to get it all they have to do is open a door. Some thing clearly must not be working if not everybody should have what it is they want now because it is out there. The first simple obstacle that anything should be able to derive is that most people don’t know what they want. This makes it astronomically harder to find what it is that you are actually looking for because you have no idea what it is you’re looking for. The solution to this one is very simple. Know what the fuck it is you are looking for. This will completely help you find what you want. Now when you open a door and you get to the back of the room you can figure out if what that room contains is the thing that you want.

    Once you know what you want you will know if you get it. And you will also know when you open the door and start going through the maze contained in that room if you should keep fighting through to get to what it contains. The more you fight inside the room the clearer the thing the room contains will become. At first you might have a general idea of what is contained in that room by the shape of the door, doorknob and the doors situation within the matrix.At first you won’t even know what the exterior circumstances of the door are. The more doors you open the more attuned your subconscious programing will  be to what type of door that it. You’ll start to notice patterns and lots of subtle similarities between the different door you open which will intern cute your brain to map them into a group facilitating your decision making process so that you have to open less doors to be able able to more accurately predict if the contents of that door is in line with the thing that you are looking for.

    The more doors you open the better you’ll become at deciphering the contents that door holds. The more you fight within each door and advance through the stages to reach the prize that it contains. The better you’ll be able to decide if this is actually what you are looking for. You’ll be able to narrow it down until you’re in a state where the doors that you open contain the things that you are looking for.

    Be warned that not a lot of people reach this point through door opening. Most people stop going forward and just open more and more doors. Opening doors is the easy part. People don’t like challenge. They don’t know that they need challenge to actually become who they are. They avoid challenge because they fear things they should not be fearing. They fear things made up in their own minds. They stop fighting once they are at a certain point within a door that has become a little bit too difficult. They don’t know what they are fighting for. It doesn’t mean that much to them. They haven’t put in much though into it. Instead of sticking through and fighting tooth and nail and laying it all on the line to achieve what it is they want to do. They’d rather say fucking this, no matter how far inside the door they already are. No matter how much time and effort they have put into it. They will just say fuck it and take the comfort in opening another door and going through the baby steps. Going through the easy stages until they reach a point that becomes too difficult then they stop and keep repeating this toxic cycle that will lead the no where. If they only had it within them… which they do. They will do what ever it takes to stay in the door if that door contains something that they want. They don’t know that the payoffs for sticking in are worth an infinite amount of times more then giving up. They don’t know that what they want is actually at the end of the tunnel. They’d rather give up and rationalize that no…actually that door did not contain what they wanted. They’d rather lie to themselves and start over opening other doors and being easy. They’d rather open an other door and start the whole process again. They don’t know that if they kept on digging through and took the pain a little but more that they will actually reach what they want. The pain will actually stop. They will get a pleasure as significant if not even greater compared to the pain they put through.

    As the old saying of hermetics said. The amount of pain you feel is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure you will experience. If you only experience a little bit of pain in life then you will only experience a little bit of pleasure.

    Now if you go through hell and experience exorbitant pain… the pleasure you will experience will be like no other. The pleasure you will receive will be astronomical.

    Back to obstacle ONE, you need to know what it is that you want. Having this knowledge will let you know if once you open a door if you are suffering unnecessarily or if it is the type of pain that you need to experience. The knowledge of what you want and HOW BAD YOU WANT IT will let you know  if how far you will make it within the door if it contains what you thing you want. If you want that thing as bad as you want your next breath then that nothing in this world will ever make you give up once you open the door and through you r intuition figure out that it contains what it is you are looking for.

    Everything you want in life is out there. If you open the correct door and go through until you make it to the end of the room. It’s contents will become yours. Everything contained within that room will become yours. Once people know what they want they will be able to know if the doors they are opening are the correct ones and once they are opened if they want it bad enough to make it through the suffer to get to the end of the rainbow so that you can get it’s deepest contents.

    The second obstacle people encounter when face to face with a door is the fear of opening a door. From birth and for some time after we are born, there is no fear at all in our hearts. NONE at all. The fear is bread through other people and what we experience through life. Innocence is bliss. The second obstacle people face is the fear of opening doors. A fear that they developed somehow that now needs to be mitigated. This fear usually happens through seeing people open similar doors and watching them go through catastrophic things that we would not want any one else even our enemies to go through. Another way this fear happens is by us opening door and then going through pain that we deem too much for us to bear. Even though that door might contain what we want. We lie to ourself that we do not want what it contains just to stay in comfort and avoid the pain of having to go through the contents of the for to reach the prize that we seek.

    The second major obstacle that we experience stopping us from getting what we want in life is the fear of opening the door. We fear going after what we want because we are scared of not knowing 100% certainly that it contains what we want and that we will be able to get it. We’d rather lie to ourselves and not open the door even though it has what we want. We don’t go after what we want because we are afraid we won’t get it. What we don’t know is that if we really want it. Nothing can stop us from getting it. We will get it. It might not be from the first door you open. But if you want it. You will keep opening doors until you find it it is out there and you can find and you will find it.

    Don’t let the lacking of knowing what you want and the fear of not going after it stop you  from reaching your goals and dreams. Don’t let fear based on bullshit stop you from getting what you want. Only you stop you from getting what you want. It is a very well known saying that every one takes for granted. Where there is a will there is a way.

    If you want it bad enough you will do whatever it is to get it. With that being said. We should stop getting in our own ways to success. We self sabotage all the time because of weakness that can be dealt with. This needs to stop happening if we are to get what it is we want in life.

    The world is yours. Make of it what you want.


    Until next time