Living The Life of Your Dreams is Simpler Than You Think

Don’t get it twisted. I said SIMPLER not EASIER. IF you’re not willing to put in the work stop right here and go back to buzzfeed.

Seeing that you’re still here. You want to step up in life. Check out the blog for the types of articles that will make you grab your nuts in public and slap the gums of an old lady for eye your subway seat. (not really)

See Behind The Curtain

The Only Way to Trust Your Instincts

You're at home sitting on the couch chatting to your significant other while soft jazz music plays in the background. She is telling you stories. You're telling her stories. The conversation gradually takes a turn to sex and before you know it, you've asked her the...

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How Bad Do You Want It

On the outside looking in, most people say they want something but don't really mean it. I am one of those people. We are all one of those people. They key to not being one of the people who says they want something but deep down don't really want it lies in your...

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I Fully Condone Hate Speech!

I fully condone hate speech. I can't stand this politically correct nonsense. Don't be mean to people. Don't tell them how you feel, you might hurt their feelings. The result of this, a society filled with emotionally weak people who get hurt by words. Hurt by words....

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Overcoming Your Fear: An Actionable Guide!

90% of people live a mediocre life¹ If you're reading this! Being mediocre should make you sick! Don't fall for the same tricks that render those 90% mediocre. It's easy to be mediocre. Being phenomenal will take everything you've got. There's no alternative. Being...

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Stop Caring What People Think: The Guide

It is easier than you think to stop caring what people think about you. The real question you need to be asking yourself is, why the fuck do care? Caring about what the people close to you are saying is understandable. Caring what random people you don't know think...

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