Add Value or Die!

Dear Friend,

I am going to touch on a subject today that a lot of people will feel like it’s a personal attack on them. To clear that out, this is not a personal attack on anyone. It’s an attack on bullshit. I can’t stand it, so I am going to call it out. You either add value or you die. There are lots of leeches out there. Constantly taking and taking yet they never give shit back. They might find temporarily success in that until their snake mannerisms are caught. Which will lead to them disappearing for a while then re-inventing themselves with the same bullshit. Either you add Value or you die!


What does adding value mean?

There are endless reasons why a lot of people out there are not adding value. But first before we move further, we need to define some basic terms to allow us all to be on the same page. What do I mean by adding value? It’s quiet simple, instead of thing about yourself and what you need and want, think about the people you are marketing to, interacting with, and think about how you can move them closer to their goals and dreams.

For the rest of this post, when I reference adding value, it’s in relation to sales, marketing and dating yet it applies to everything else.

Why People Don’t add Value

Now that we know what I’m talking about when I mention adding value, we can move on to figuring out why the majority of people out there are not adding any value. This list can be endless so for the sake of brevity and touching only on the most common of reasons, I’ll keep this list short.

  1. They don’t give a fuck about You: This is the BIGGEST reason people don’t add value to your interactions. You’re just a means to and end for them. You’re a way for them to get some money, or bust a nut. They haven’t done the hard work of figuring out what your needs are and finding ways to help you get closer to where you want to go. They just think about themselves and what they need.
  2. Misinformation: Another reason you’ll find that a lot of people aren’t providing you any value in your interactions is that they don’t know any better. It might come as a shock to a person that knows if you give people what they want, they’ll in turn make your wildest dreams come true that a lot of people aren’t aware of that. They think the world is full of crooks trying to one up each other and rip them off. So they enter interactions with the idea that I’ll get everything I can from you before you try to get anything out of me.
  3. New to Marketing: These people are a small minority. The best part is once they learn their mistake that they are not providing their prospective customers with any value, they quickly learn to add value and actually build a connection before selling their stuff


add Value


Why You Should Add value (massive Value)

In a perfect world (a world that I am working on with my photography site) I intend on drowning people with value. I will give everything that I can give in order to help every single person that lands on my website to reach closer to their dreams and desires in life.

Ever notice, people that last forever in the business game are the ones who add the most value. Look at Grant Cardone for example. Look at the countless hours of videos he provides online. I’ve consume so much of his stuff I feel like I owe him something. I’ve bought his material for that one reason. It’s a small way for me to pay back everything he’s done for me.

Another Example, look at Frank Kern the amount of priceless information he has shared online that has results in profound breakthroughs in my life that will lead to me generating millions of dollars. I am calling it here first and I attribute a lot of it to his youtube videos that I’ve found online. He has provided me with such priceless information I fell indebted to him. I can’t afford any of this products at the moment but best believe as soon as I can I am throwing all my money at him. He deserves it.

I hope you’ve notice the recurring theme here so far. SUFFOCATE people with value. Give your best stuff for free. You might be thinking why the fuck would I do that. That’s my best stuff. Exactly. Give away your best stuff. This will force you to innovate and come up with stuff that’s even better. The best part is your fans will love you for it. Very very few people give them that type of live. They’ll repay you beyond your wildest dreams

What happens if you don’t add value

Simple. You get exposed for the leech that you are and nobody will be willing to do business with you. If you do get any business, people will hate you for it because you weaseled them out of their money. If you do this long enough you will tarnish your reputation beyond the possibility of repair unless you find the cure for cancer and give that away for FREE.

Don’t be a value leech. The formula is simple Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Suffocate your fans with tremendous love and value that they feel indebted to you. Change their fucking lives for the better and trust they will repay you beyond your wildest dreams. The formula for eternal success will always be the same. Win-win situations. Give, Give, Give, before you even think about asking once. Like that when you finally ask, you’ve already given so much value that it only makes sense.

Hope I was able to add some value into your life with this article I came up with on the fly. Let me know what you think about it? Do you like it, does it suck, doesn’t matter. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Drop me a comment below.

From the bed of Abdoulaye

Catch you tomorrow.

P.S  I’ll say this again, only people who will get offended by such a post are the parasitic leeches out there trying to take as much as they can from people without giving shit back in return. Fuck em. Don’t even read my article if that’s you. I’m all about the win-win.