Believing is not Enough

Dear Friend,


I’m going to tell you something today that should not come as a surprise to you at all. Believing that you’re going to get whatever it is you’re after is only half the battle. Most people don’t play the other half of the game. Believing is not enough. You also need to take massive fucking action on your beliefs if you want to control your destiny and be able to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Believing is not Enough

This thought came to me right now as I was sitting down to write my daily thousand words. I was thinking about this girl I know let’s call her Amanda, 34 years old single with the hopes of getting married. Amanda wants to have kids and a husband that she’ll be able to spend the rest of her life with. She believes very strongly that she is going to get married and have kid. Yet she does not do anything at all to get her closer her goals. She prays to her lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amanda loves him to death and has faith that he loves her too. She has faith that he will give her what she wants. A husband and kids.

Amanda has been deploying this same strategy of hoping to get what she wants since her twenties with nothing to show for it. She does not want to change strategies because she has faith that her lord and savior is going to deliver. I’ve got bad news Amanda. That’s not how life works. Believing is not Enough.


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Believing without Action = Fish without Water

It’s cool to believe you are going to accomplish what ever it is you want to accomplish. If you do no taking any action at all to  get you closer to the end goal that you are after,  that belief will not serve you at all. You will never get what it is you want if you do not put in conscious effort to go out into the world and actively search for what it is that you’re after.

Amanda has a close to ZERO chance of getting married and having kids. Let’s for a second forget the fact she is 34 and trying to have kids at that age is akin to a thirteen year old going to college. It does happen. It’s hard as fuck and doesn’t happen very often. Amanda doesn’t know that believing is not enough. Amanda thinks that her lord and savior Jesus Christ will just throw a a husband in front of her and she’ll be having a kid in no time. That’s called living in fairy tale land.

Amanda needs to be spending her time figuring out what types of qualities she wants in a mate. After that, she needs to figure out what qualities those types of men are attracted to in women. Then she should find it within her to embody those qualities. Only after that hard work has been done can she actively go out to the types of areas those men hang out in with the confidence that she can attract one of them because she possesses the qualities that they are looking for. Amanda choses not to suffer now, not knowing that she is going to suffer greatly for her choices later on down the line when she is 50, unmarried and has no possibility whatsoever of getting kids.

Actions speak Louder then Words

Everybody has heard that saying a million times. Yet I’m not sure they’ve internalized it. I know I catch myself falling prey to these same mistakes as well. I’ve come a long way and now I actively do everything I can not to fall in the same pitfalls I’ve found myself countless times again. The same pitfalls that Amanda finds herself in. I’m learning to talk less and act more. Here’s an example from my life. I’ve always considered myself an extraordinary writer. Though I’d rarely write at all. I just believed it. As this post has demonstrated by now, Believing is not enough. It’s cool that I believe I am an extraordinary writer. What actions have I done that showcase these extraordinary talents of mine. Until now very few. Which is one of the reasons I’ve undertaken this thousand word a day posting habit. I am going to write a thousand words a day on this blog no matter what. And I am doing that right now. I have no idea how long I am going to keep this up for. I am going to ride it until the wheels fall off.

Actions speak louder then words. I’m sick and tired of believing that I am this and that, yet my actions say the contrary. You are what you repeatedly do. Everybody knows that. I am not saying anything new here. Yet a lot of people still fail to grasp that simple concept that WE ALL FUCKING KNOW. You are what you repeatedly do.

I am writing a thousand words everyday no matter what. Therefore I am an extraordinary writer. I believe it and I also have the action that backs up my words.

You’ve definitely seen people in your life that claim they are good with the opposite sex, yet they are never in relationships and everywhere you see them they are always alone. Their actions don’t match up with their beliefs.

I want you to be different. I am being different. My actions match up with my words because believing is not enough. You have to act on your beliefs to make them worth anything.

Stop believing in things that you’re not. If you want to be something or do something, believe in it with all your heart AND go out there and act on that belief. Believing without action = a fish without water. Fish need water to survive just like your beliefs need action to materialize.

Go forth and take massive action

Coming at you from the bed of Abdoulaye



P.S. It’s a bad habit scrolling all the way to the bottom of a post before reading it. Don’t worry I do that to. This post is worth it. It’s a quick read. Go read it. After you’re done reading it and you feel like it was a waste of time. Leave me a comment below telling me to go jump off a bridge. I won’t do it but i’ll appreciate the honesty.


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