How The Gym Saved My Life

Man boobs – Check, Noodle arms – Check, Pot belly – Check, Chubby Face – Check. On top of a weak and unkept body I also had all of the psychological and mental inadequacies that comes with it. No self-discipline, no mental clarity, low testosterone. I was on a downwards spiral and I didn’t even know it. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this: Going to the gym saved my life.

When your life is heading in a downwards negative spiral, it becomes harder and harder to escape it the deeper down the hole you keep going. I had no idea hows shitty my life actually was. I definitely knew I was nowhere near where I wanted to be. I knew I had to make changes. The only problem was I wasn’t doing anything to fix it. When you haven’t taken action to change your circumstances for a long time (years) the smallest step towards a better life feels like trying to deadlift a thousand pounds.

I wasn’t a complete fuck up. Luckily I was engaged in a couple of activities that kept my head barely above the surface to stop me from drowning. I would read every now and then, I’d hit the streets trying to overcome my fears by meeting women and becoming a better communicator. Still, when your mind and body are not aligned you’ll always feel like there is something missing. That’s what I felt. Until I started hitting the gym. It changed my life.

All It Takes Is The First Step

One early summer morning on my usual youtube binging sessions, I ended up on this video that literary changed my life. I watched it once then immediately got out of bed. Started playing it a second time as I put on my workout gear and started looked for a gym that I could attend. By the time I finished watching the video the second time, It was already deeply engrained in my brain that I would rather die then not go to the gym. I could feel the pieces of the puzzle start magically falling into place.

It’s a long video so I’ll summarize below the key points that propelled me to make a lifelong change.

You can never achieve your large-scale goals if you can’t achieve your small-scale goals. If you say you’re going to do something but don’t end up doing it, that will have an impact on your other goals. Winners have the mentality of putting it all on the life for their goals. Consistency is King. If you end up missing one day at the gym before you build up the habit, every single rationalization you used to get out of going today while be there tomorrow. The video is full of gems. If you’ve got an hour to kill, Watch it.

After I was done with that video, I went to the Gym and never looked back. It’s going to be a full year on June 16th since the gym saved my life.



How The Gym Saved My Life

Superior Work Ethic. Once I started going to the gym day in and day out, I figured out that the mysterious work ethic I never thought was always in me. Once you discover something that you want to do really badly, you’ll do it. I don’t even call it work ethic. It’s something I like to do so I do it. Check out this quick video from the greatest blog artist that ever lived. Sums up work ethic perfectly.

I Gained Massive Amounts of Confidence. Going to the gym day in and day out, being able to lift weights that you previously couldn’t. Seeing your body metamorphosis in front of your eyes, noticing girls checking you out. Instead of you walking out of people’s ways, people walk out of your way, more respect from male peers. Just because I was getting bigger and my posture was naturally improving the world at large started treating me better, because I was treating myself better.

There is No Magic Pill. When I started working out, after two months, I thought I’d be shredded and girls would be dropping their moist panties as soon as I took off my shirt. Boy was I wrong. I learned that there is no magic pill to success. For some people it’ll come fast, for other it will take a very long time. Doesn’t matter, if you put in the work every day you will get there.

Increased Mental Clarity. Lifting weights became like a meditative process for me. Being able to tune every single thought out of your head and concentrating on the specific muscle you’re working on is a very contagious feeling. Pretty soon, it helped me unscramble my unfocused mind and allowed me to see clearly the things that I needed to do.

Becoming a Sex God. Getting stronger has lots of benefits. I can do positions I couldn’t do before like lifting her up and having sex while standing. Being able to physically dominate her because I’m not a weakling anymore. More endurance, increased leg strength, stronger hands and fingers. Do I even need to say more. Improving your body will lead to a better sex life.

Success Begets Success: I failed trying to deadlift 2 plates (225lbs) for a long time. Now I can easily do 10+ reps of it. The success that comes from putting in the time to get better in the gym translated to other areas of my life pretty quick. I started seeing success in everything else that I put my mind to.Going to the gym literary saved my life. Turned me from a hopeless weak carcass of a man to beast of a human being with the willpower and determination to achieve anything.

From the bottom of my heart, I believe that if I was able to radically change my life by simply changing my body, anybody that puts in the work will be able to achieve the same if not even better results.


No mans has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. Socrates


Until Next Time