I Fully Condone Hate Speech!

I fully condone hate speech.

I can’t stand this politically correct nonsense. Don’t be mean to people. Don’t tell them how you feel, you might hurt their feelings. The result of this, a society filled with emotionally weak people who get hurt by words. Hurt by words. I fully condone hate speech.

Hate Speech Makes You Stronger

Since the dawn of time, language has been used to communicate messages. From drawings on walls, hand gestures, speech and writing to typing. Language is a means to communicate ideas, feelings, and emotions. Not good ideas, not good feelings, and not good emotions. It’s a necessity to hear all ranges of the spectrum. Hate speech is a part of that spectrum as much as love speech is. To ban one would be to discredit the other.

Who really wants to live in a world where you can’t be honest with people? Who really wants to live in a world with constant praise and adoration. That’s what hell looks like. People constantly giving you unearned praise, kissing your ass and telling you how wonderful you are. Fuck that! That is unnatural. That is no way to live.

Look at beautiful women that get told everyday atlas 10 times by different random guys how gorgeous she is. After a while that compliment doesn’t hold that much power anymore. Hate speech is a requirement in life.

Not everyone is going to like you. That’s a given. If hate speech is eliminated, all the people who hate you will have to put up a front. I’d rather know a person doesn’t like me so that I can focus on people who do instead of dealing with a fake person being pressured to like me. I don’t even want everyone to like me. That makes no sense.

If you live a life always sheltered from hate speech, you’ll be made of glass. Glass that can easily shatter when a little hate pebble is thrown at it. That’s not what you want at all. You want to be indestructible. Words should have no effect on you. Good or bad. No person has the power to  make you feel anyway you do not chose to feel. Hate speech is just that, speech. If that has the ability to ruin your confidence and make you have a bad day, that’s more a reflection on you then the person that said it.

Dealing With Hate Speech

  1. Stop Being a Pussy. Stop crying about someone hurling words at you. Gain better emotional control. Build tougher asking by not taking it personally or if you believe it to be true (someone calls you a fat turd and you’re fat) change it if it bothers you. If not OWN IT.
  2. Distance Yourself From The Source. If a person on twitter (@PainfulyReborn) is showering you with hate speech block them. If a person in real life is bombarding you with hate speech, avoid them. Where ever the hate speech is originating from, distance yourself from it.
  3. Reframe It. The art of the reframe is a very powerful tool that people don’t use as much as they should. Instead of considering something someone said to you as hate speech, you can see it fuel that will help you reach your goals even faster. Instead of hurting when you hear hate speech, you can feel sorry for the person that said it, because successful people who are living the life they want to have no place for hate.
  4. Change Your Focus. In life we get more of what we focus on. Instead of spending time focusing on things that have no benefit to you (hate speech), your energy could be spent focusing on things that are way more important like your health, wealth and relationships. Change your focus from hate speech to things that actually empower you and make you want to be better.

Should You Participate in Hate Speech


Successful people, happy people, people that are living the type of life they want to have no room for hate. Constructive criticism is good. There is a different between that and hate speech. Constructive criticism is not hate. You’re actually giving a person good advice if you do constructive criticism right. You want to help them improve on the performance they had.

Hate on the other hand, you wouldn’t care if they improve or not. You don’t like that person. Fuck ’em. They might be wearing a very fashionable outfit that you would deem great on anyone else, but since you don’t like this person anything they do sucks.

As someone that’s trying to attain success in life, you should have no place for hate speech. It’s a complete waste of time and drains your energy. All the energy you will use to hate someone can be better directed in achieving the type of life you envision.

Hate speech is just that hate speech. It is neither good nor bad. Don’t let it affect you. People have the right to hate you, just like you have the right to love and hate anyone. Making hate speech illegal like the Leftists are trying to do will not make it disappear. People are still going to be people, human emotions can’t be put into laws. We are going to feel how we are going to feel.

It’s time to accept the world for what it is instead of what you want it to be.

Think about it, would you rather live in a world where the people who hate you tell you so and avoid you, or where the people who hate you are forced to be polite and courteous to you?

I am completely against policing human emotions and restricting how we feel and express ourself because some weaklings may get their fragile egos bruised by certain words. Instead of trying to have the world cater to you so that you never feel any pain, hurt, humiliation, loneliness and sorrow; build yourself up to the point that you are the master of your emotions and no-one has the ability to make you feel anyways that you don’t want to feel.

Until Next Time