Don’t ponder. Just execute.

Coming at you live from the bed of Abdoulaye Balde


Sitting here on my bed thinking about what I should write today. I have no specific guideline of what I am try to say, or what point I am trying to make. So I will just start writing and sooner or later I will find out where I am going with this.

This reminds me of a problem that a lot of people including myself face in life. We get too caught up in our heads about what it is we are trying to do. We ponder and strategize and think about all these different complex kinds of scenarios that will most likely not happen. We get stuck in our heads making excuses of why we can’t instead of doing.

I could keep on going on and on in my head about what I am going to write about. The only problem what that is the lack of action. It’s good to plan and know what it is you are trying to accomplish. What’s even better then a plan is DOING. Very few people actually DO. That is why most people never reach their goals. They’d rather live in their heads and think about all types of scenarios and play a game of mental masturbation without taking any action at all. That’s a very poor way to live. The sad part is that’s what the majority of people do.

I could have spent hours, days, weeks, years, trying to think of the perfect blog post that I am going to write. I am not doing that. I gave myself a goal of writing one thousand words a day and publishing it on my website. That is exactly what I am doing.

When I started writing this blog post, I had no idea at all where I was going with it. I just said fuck it to that thought and simply started putting words onto this blank screen. Now before I know it, I am already 300 words in and I’m just going stronger. I had no idea what I was going to write about, yet the more I write the more I know exactly what it is I am writing about. I am writing about taking fucking action.

Sure it’s always good to have a plan of what you are going to do. The plan is completely useless if you do not act on it. A man with a plan that doesn’t execute is worse off then a man with no plan but he executes. The execution is what is going to lead you somewhere. No a man with a plan that also executes is damn near unstoppable. The man knows what he wants and where he is going. He is also taking the necessary steps to take him closer to where he is going.

It doesn’t matter how bad of a plan you have. The more you execute in real life, the more you will be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This will lead you to revising your plan and making it better and better while your execution keeps on getting better and better as well. I’ll repeat it again. A man with a plan and the heart to execute that plan is damn near unstoppable.

Not everyone is capable of making plans and executing on them. A lot of people are just coasting through with no plans at all and just living day to day with a laissez faire attitude and letting the wind take them where ever it takes them. That is a recipe for going where you do not want to go.

A lot of other people are making plans but never even following through with them. They will do this enough times until they can’t even be bothered to make plans anymore because they know damn sure they are not going to stick with the plan. this is why it is imperative that you become a person that makes plan, sticks with those plans and executes to make those plans into reality.

To develop a plan, it is simple. Take a notebook and a pen. Sit down and think of what it is you want to do. Whether it is to write a book, compose a song, get a girlfriend. Write it down as clearly and as specific as possible. Write down why you want to achieve that, what it will mean to you if you achieve that plan and  the next step is to break down that plan (end goal) step by step until you have build a ladder that progressively gets higher until you reach your goals.

The next step is to start executing. this is where most people have the hardest time. Executing is not really that hard at all. We are executing all of the time. A guy that’s horny and puts on some porn, beats his meat until he busts a nut just executed. A guy that spends his days playing video games also executes. The thing with executing is that it will be very very easy to execute if you actually enjoy what it is you are doing. If you’re goals are strong enough and the reasons you wan to achieve those goals are powerful enough to make you execute on them, you do not have to worry because you will be achieving them as soon as possible.

If you lack the executing muscle because you’re a lazy gluttonous slob, start with small daily steps that you can take to fortify your executing muscle until you reach the point that you can execute no matter how you feel. An example of small execution steps could be, I am going to make my bed every morning as soon as I wake up. The more you do this, the more you will become a better executer.

How you do one thing is how you do everything in your life.

See that I started this post with no idea what I am going to write about. I’ve already reached one thousand words and I know exactly what I wrote about. I wrote my way to the answer. I executed. I sat for a bit and pondered on different things I could do. I said fuck all that and just executed. I know my goals and I know the steps I need to take to be able to accomplish them. Writing one thousand words every day and publishing them is one of those steps. I am going to execute on it. That’s what I did and I’m way passed my minimal quota of the day.

You can get anything you want out of life if you have a good plan and you execute.

Until next time


P.S If you scrolled all the way to the bottom without reading any of that I don’t blame you. I have no headers, I mumble a bit and I start off meek. I still executed and I got one step closer to where I want to be. If all you read is this P.S. I want you to promise me one thing. You are going to fucking execute. You are going to make a plan of the things you want to accomplish in life. You will list down the steps you need to take to make it happen and then you will execute. A good plan and proper executing will get you whatever you want in life.