Life is suffering

Dear friend,


The buddhists discovered that life is suffering. And by God were they right. No matter what you believe in or don’t believe in, one thing is for sure, you believe in pain cause that shit is real. You don’t believe in god, cool, more power to ya. You don’t believe in religions, cool, more power to ya. You don’t believe in the concept of money, cool, more power to ya. You don’t believe in pain, cool, let me stab you in the eye with this pencil. Why are you screaming in agony. I thought you didn’t believe in pain. Life is suffering. Therefore to live a good life, we must find the things worth suffering for because the suffering is unavoidable.

A lot of people go through life trying to avoid suffering. They must not be aware that suffering is unavoidable. No matter how careful you are, no matter how well you’re prepared or how smart you are, some shit is going to happen that will cause you to suffer and there is nothing you can do to avoid it.

This poses a dilemma. If suffering is unavoidable, how should we life our lives in order to minimize that suffering? The answer is easier said then done. There is only one feasible solution to this, build yourself into a strong person that can withstand suffering.

This is tremendously hard work. This is something you’re going to have to put conscious effort in accomplishing day in and day out until the day that you die.

Here’s a simple example. You can chose to never learn how to fight. Avoid the suffering of dedicating yourself to working out and getting fit so that nobody dares to mess with you. It’s painful getting to that point. you have to eat right, you have to spend years and years being dedicated and consistent to the gym. You have to spend years and years getting your ass beat on the mat by people that are stronger then you so that you can in turn get stronger. That’s very painful. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to reach a point where you’re actually competent in a martial arts and you can hold your ground against an attacker. You’d have gone through lots of sparring fights in the gym, you’d have gotten bloodied and bruised lots of times. shit, you might even break a few bones or dislocate some joints in the process. ¬†That is a lot of suffering you’re going to have to go through.

Or you can say fuck all that shit, and never do none of that at all. Spend your life never eating right, never working out and getting better at something. Never sparring even once. Until one day you’re walking with your girlfriend late at night and you get surrounded by a bunch of guys. They tell you to leave and you’re girlfriend is theirs now. You’re shaking in your panties thinking to yourself why the fuck did I never go through any of that suffering to learn how to fight. The bad guys then proceed to beat the living crap out of you while fucking your girlfriend right in front of you.

In both of those instances you are suffering plenty. The only difference is in the first scenario. You chose to make a bargain with the future. I’ll suffer now, so that in the future I will not have to suffer. In the other instance you made a different bargain with the future. You chose not to suffer in the present in the hopes that you will not suffer in the future. Your bargain failed and now you and your girlfriend are paying for your lack of suffering in the present. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t make that mistake. Don’t for one second think you can avoid suffering. Don’t for one second thing you can do the easy option out and win. It might be easy now, but you will pay for it dearly later.

Here’s another example.

Scenario 1: You start dating a new girl. All she has is guy friends because “guys are just easier to get along with”. For some reason this gives you an uneasy feeling in your gut. You don’t know what it is, but you decide to go with your gut. Although you really like this girl, you tell her your concerns and she just squashes them away telling you you’re immature and insecure for thinking she will do anything with her guys friends. This makes you even more uneasy so you decide to just end it with her. You went through the suffering of confronting a girl you really liked and ending things with her off a hunch you had from your gut. You suffer now for a bit but soon enough you find an even better girl that actually has female friends and you both have a spectacular time together.

Scenario 2: You start dating a new girl. All she has is guy friends because “guys are less drama and they are all just buddies”. You gut is telling you she is lying to you and to get the hell out of there. Although you have no proof of any of this. But you decide not to listen to your gut and just push those feelings to the side. You continue dating her. Things get more serious, she moves in with you. Next thing you know she is pregnant with your kid. She comes to tell you the news happy as hell. As soon as she tells you she is pregnant you flip out. You start cussing the shit out of her, you go full beast mode and start throwing her shit out the window and yelling at her to leave your apt. She keeps saying baby what’s wrong. You’re so furious you can’t formulate any words. She calls the cops on you and has them kick you out of your own apartment. After you finally calm down and realize you should have listened to your gut the whole time. You finally call the bitch up and tell her “That lil motherfucker ain’t my baby. I had a vasectomy 2 years before I met you bitch”.

You avoided a little suffering early on in the relationship despite all the red flags and your gut telling you the get the hell out of there. You didn’t want to rock the boat. You didn’t want to suffer then and there voluntarily. Now you’re suffering involuntary. She managed to keep your apartment because you threatened her and she got her lawyers to make you pay for child support and alimony for a kid that is not even yours. You should have listen to your guy and suffered earlier on in the relationship voluntarily. Now you’re life is completely fucked because you wanted to take the road of less resistance.


Morale of the story. Life is suffering. No matter what you do you are going to suffer. You might as well chose to suffer and get stronger by subjecting yourself voluntarily to that pain so that you can grow instead of taking the road of least resistance and suffering greatly down the line.

That’s it for my thousand words today.

Catch you later