Master Consistency Master Life

Dear Friend,

Today I want to talk about a challenge a lot of people face. I’ve faced it multiple times in my life as well and I still keep facing it to this day. The power of being consistent. In a world where everyone is talking about what they are going to do if this and that happens, there are only a few people that are actually out there being consistent day in, day out. I can guarantee you those are the people who will become successful if they keep on staying consistent.

Before I dive in and tell you how and why we need to be consistent (we already know why) I first want to touch on when you should not be consistent.

When Not To Be Consistent

Don’t be consistent when you’re doing bullshit. That’s one thing you should be a quitter at. Bullshit. Stop it. Stop the bullshit you’re engaged in. The more consistent you are with your bullshit the bigger it will grow. This will lead to it taking on a significant role in your life. Now if you’ve been consistent with your bullshit for years and years. It’s going to be very hard to get rid of it.

Let’s take smoking as an example. I’m not proud of it. I’ve smoked hella cigarettes. I still remember the high school days locked up in boarding school late at night smoking on some cancer stick. Boy was I dumb. I did that for a very very long time. I’m going to estimate from the time I was 16-17 all the way until I’m 26. Which is right now. I’m 26, I stopped smoking recently after finally getting it into my head how completely idiotic it is. On top of that I started seeing the effects it had on my teeth and turning my lips purple wasn’t a sight I enjoy. After close to 10 years of being consistent with bullshit, I said fuck cigarettes and I stopped smoking them.


16 yr Old Abdoulaye Smoking

16 yr Old Abdoulaye buildup up his consistency in bullshit

That’s all it took. No patches, no slowing down. COLD TURKEY. And it has worked. I haven’t touched a cigarette since and I have no plans whatsoever of touching one ever again. Their smell is atrocisous and the effects they have on your body are darn right murderous. Makes no sense for me to engage in that activity. I refuse to be consistent in doing bullshit.

Other bullshit you shouldn’t be consistent with include everything that doesn’t improve your life and you don’t enjoy. Quit on it. Don’t be consistent with bullshit. You’ll become bullshit. Since you are what you repeatedly do. If you keep doing bullshit, then you will be ……

When To Be Consistent

From what we just discussed, it makes sense that you should be consistent with all those things that improve your life and give you a meaningful existence. We’ll call that success for the rest of this post. Be consistent with success.

Once I stopped being consistent with bullshit and finally took my health seriously. Immediately I became a new person. I was consistent with eating garbage processed food with no nutritional value and I was even more consistent with not having stepped food in a gym in years. Look up skinny fat in the dictionary, my picture would be right there. I got a glimpse of my belly and man boobs walking down the street one day from the reflection of a store. That’s all it took for me to get fed up with my pathetic weak body and decide to become the sexiest strongest version of myself.

I stopped being consistent with my weak pathetic body, and decided to be consistent with my journey to becoming a beast of a man that makes women ruin their panties just by glancing at my greek god like physique.

I’ve never looked back since. It’s been a year and a half since that moment and I don’t plan on stopping until I am so old and frail that all I can do is shit on myself.

Here’s another example, I was a professional excuse maker. I can come up with an excuse for any situation. That was of life wasn’t getting me no where. I made excuses for all of my shortcoming and fuckups. I got sick and tired of making excuses. Through wise words from Gary Vee, I stopped being consistent with making excuses. Fuck that. I took 100% responsibility for my life. Therefore I took ownership of everything that happens to me. Instead of making excuses, I make solutions for the challenges I face. Fuck excuses.

Be consistent with cutting out the bullshit habits and adding success habits.


You’re already Consistent

If you’ve read this far down, you’re consistent. You didn’t just read the first sentence and say fuck it. You kept reading all the way through. Consistency isn’t your problem. You’re already consistent. I knew I was consistent. I was consistent in doing bullshit with no positive benefit for the future. Consistency isn’t the problem. The problem was consistency in the wrong thing.

As you’ll notice from the personal life examples I’ve given, the switch always happens when I’m completely fed up with the bullshit that I’m engaged in. I might figure out it’s bullshit a long time before I stop engaging in the bullshit. I have to reach a point where I’d rather die then keep doing the same bullshit I’ve always done. That’s when my consistency to garbage changes instantaneously to consistency for success.

The only way to achieve what you want out of life is to be consistent. You’re going to have trouble being consistent to success if your vision of the success isn’t strong enough. You’re going to have trouble being consistent to success if you don’t feel tremendous pain every time you engage in bullshit.

Cut the bullshit out of your life and be consistent to success.

From the bed of Abdoulaye

Catch ya tomorrow

P.S Look how consistent I’ve become with posting every single day no matter what.

P.S.S yesterdays post was garbage compared to this post. Didn’t stop me from posting it anyways because consistency is key. It’s easier to keep the ball rolling then to start pushing it from zero.