Morning Journal: Simple Practice to Drastically Improve Your Life

Once we’re done with school, the majority of people stop writing by hand unless it’s to sign at the bottom of a receipt. By the end of this post, I’ll have shown you the multitude of benefits that keeping a morning journal will offer you. Doing this simple daily morning practice will have drastic positive impacts in your life. You will be able to figure out everything that is important to you, what you want to achieve in life and the process that you will need to undergo to reach your destination. Read on to figure out how do the Morning journal to reap the most benefits.

Morning Journal: Writing Your Way To The Answer

This practice is called the Morning Journal. I first heard of it from the master life hacker Tim Ferris. I read the blog post that I linked on his name but did not take any action from it. Time passes by and I stumble once again on the Morning Journal. This time from Goldmund’s article on “Morning Pages” and how they saved his life. Tim and Goldmund both got the idea for the Morning Journal from the book “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. I haven’t read the book yet; you can find a concise review of it here by Goldmund on his site.

How it Works

As soon as you wake up, loosen up completely, do some stretches or drink your morning coffee what ever it is you do to wake up do it. THIS IS IMPORTANT. NO ELECTRONICS. Don’t pick up your phone and start browsing social media. The point of this is for you to not have your thoughts and opinions influenced by any outside source until you’ve written them down in the morning journal.

Once you’re awake and have not had any outside source influence your thoughts in any way then you can take out your journal and start writing. I have to emphasis this point once more because it’s crucial. DO NOT LET ANYTHING INFLUENCE YOUR THOUGHTS BEFORE STARTING THE MORNING JOURNAL. I always use a pen and a paper. Writing on a morning journal everyday with a pen and paper has helped me to figure out my purpose. Once I start writing, I just let it all out. I don’t care about grammar, spelling or run ons and what not. I just write. Let my thoughts all out on the paper. Doesn’t matter what I write about. The more I write without filtering myself, the clearer it makes my mind. The clearer my mind the more I can express my true self. The more I express my true self, the closer I get to finding my purpose and the steps I need to be taking to reach there.

Some people write for five minutes, others write a certain number of pages. I write two pages. See below photo.

Morning Journaling Example

I used to write 3 pages. That usually took 10+ minutes and I’d find myself dozing off or daydreaming about what to write about until those 10+ minutes turned into 20+ minutes. Too much time for what was supposed to be 5 minute journaling. I found my sweet post is in writing 2 pages each morning session. I get to cover a vast array of thoughts circulating in my mind without spending ages doing it.

Benefits of The Morning Journal

Having done this daily for a month minus three days; It has had a tremendous impact in my life. I can finally see where it is I need to be focusing my attention. Through writing the morning journal, I am able to see the things that are a priority for me and I can then drill them down in my head so that I always move forwards towards the things that I want.

The more your keep writing in the morning journal on a consistent basis, the clearer your mind is going to be. The clearer your mind the more you will be able to see what is really important in your life and what steps you are going to take the reach your destination.

The more I keep writing my raw unaltered thoughts every morning in the journal the more my thoughts are going to be my own. The more I am going to be in alignment with my thoughts words and actions. The clearer my thoughts, the deeper I will be able to understand myself which will then allow me to act in harmony with the way I think.

At first you will feel like your writing has no purpose and that you are all over the place. You might even ask yourself what tf am I going to write about. Don’t over thing it. Just write. The more your writer the clearer it gets. The clearer it gets the more you write. You write more because you end up discovering a lot. You keep discovering a lot the more you keep writing. That is why you do not stop writing. The results alone will propel you to keep on doing it. The more you write the clearer your mind, the more you know, and the more you act in harmony with your thoughts and actions. The less you write, the more scrambled your mind, the less you know, and the less you act in harmony with your thoughts and actions.

Pour Conclure

Keeping a Morning Journal is the process of writing your way to the answer. Just as much as you can talk your way to the answer as well as smile yourself out of misery. It is the way of taking action and always moving forward. The Morning Journal when done properly will allow you to become a master of destiny. You will know what you want. You will then reverse engineer it into small daily actionable steps that will incrementally propel you closer to your vision.

Hope this practice greatly enriches your life as much as mine.


Until next time