Living The Life of Your Dreams is Simpler Than You Think

Don’t get it twisted. I said SIMPLER not EASIER. IF you’re not willing to put in the work stop right here and go back to buzzfeed.

Seeing that you’re still here. You want to step up in life. Check out the blog for the types of articles that will make you grab your nuts in public and slap the gums of an old lady for eye your subway seat. (not really)

See Behind The Curtain

Simple Steps To Unclutter Your Mind

It's a known fact that in today's world people's minds are all over the place. Look around you for a second. Notice it! People are distracted by a plethora of things. Mostly electronics. It's time to unclutter your mind. Distraction Free   Try having a conversation...

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The Power of Visualization

This is just straight up common knowledge. Every single one of us knows this. It's plastered everywhere, from self-help books to TV. What you think you become. Yet, time and time again we allow our minds to fill up with negative thoughts. Self loathing, pity and all...

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