Simple Steps To Unclutter Your Mind

It’s a known fact that in today’s world people’s minds are all over the place.

Look around you for a second. Notice it!

People are distracted by a plethora of things. Mostly electronics. It’s time to unclutter your mind.

Distraction Free



Try having a conversation for ten minutes without pulling up your phone. FUCKING HARD.

Every single sound or vibration emitted from your device, and you have to pick it up to see what it is that wants your attention so badly.

I’ve been there. I’ve even suffered from the phantom vibrations. It’s a vibrating sensation you feel that makes you think you’re about to receive a call or notification.

I cured that problem very easily. One day, I just said screw it and put my phone on permanent silent mode. I’m gonna answer all my notifications when I look at my device. I’m tired of being constantly interrupted. Fucks up whatever flow I’m in and sometimes takes ages to get back into the groove after a 10 second conversation about nothing.

If it’s an emergency and I get called twice from the same number in a short period of time, my phone will ring. IT BETTER BE A GOD DAMN EMERGENCY.


Unclutter Your Mind Through Your Kingdom


You can tell a lot about a person by observing where they spend the majority of their time. Ever walked into a person’s house and just noticed what absolute filth they lived in. Piles of dirty and clean clothes all over the place, week old dishes under the bed; a complete pigs shed. Without a shred off a doubt, you can predict that their minds are all over the place.

I’ve been there. I’ve lived like a filthy peasant before. Being unable to tell clean from dirty clothes unless you smell them, yeah I’ve been there. Although I seemed organized and composed to the outside world, my mind was constantly scrambled.

Losing things, spending hours looking for them. Finally finding them in the most obvious of places (pants pocket). Inviting a girl over, then spending hours furiously cleaning up as much as possible. Ain’t no way I’m letting a dirty room cock-block me from some pussy. Having unexpected guests over and feeling like shit when they walk into my place and see the type of mess I live in.

I don’t feel none of those emotions anymore. People can come visit me whenever they want. I don’t have to clean up with superhuman speed before a women steps into my kingdom. I don’t lose shit all the time and my clean and dirty clothes go in separate piles. Life is so much simpler and my thoughts are much more organized.


unclutter your mind by tidying upunclutter your mind with an organized closet

Living in a clean and organized environment worked wonders to unclutter my mind. Try it!


Unclutter Your mind Through  Your Inner Buddha 


You’ve heard/read countless stories of people who engaged in daily meditation and the profound effect it has on them. Through repetition, you’ll develop the ability to calm your thinking mind. This newfound mental calmness brings with it loads of benefits including (you’ve already guessed it), uncluttering your mind.

I meditate daily. Within the first few days of starting, I could already feel the benefits. Less things started to bother me, my mind became clearer, I found that I could focus on a single task for longer without getting distracted. Don’t knock it before you try it. Meditate for 20 minutes daily for a week and see if it brings any benefits to your life.

Multitasking is for suckers


“I can do lots of things at the same time”, “I’m good at multitasking”. I hear people say that crap all the time. It’s laughable. Look at their performance on what they multitask. Mediocre at best.

Focus on one thing then do it well. When you’re done focus on another thing and do that well. This simple task of focusing on just one things helps keep distractions off your mind. Especially if your phone is on silent; SILENT NOT VIBRATE MODE; you’ll be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand and reach what is often called flow. When you’re at one with the activity you’re doing. Greatness usually happens in this state.


Try these simple steps and see if your mind doesn’t easily unclutter. Don’t knock it if you don’t try it.


Until Next Time