Stop Caring What People Think: The Guide

It is easier than you think to stop caring what people think about you.

The real question you need to be asking yourself is, why the fuck do care? Caring about what the people close to you are saying is understandable. Caring what random people you don’t know think about you is futile and needs to be stopped.

Why You Need To Stop Caring What People Think!

I used to be completely in my head, terrified of what random people thought about me. I was afraid of doing things that I wanted to do because they will judge me. I see a beautiful girl I want to talk to, I don’t go because she is surrounded by people and they might overhear me getting rejected.

This irrational fear was paralyzing. It made no sense why I gave random people such a great power over me. It had to stop.

Not going after your desires, living a life of constant worry and being on edge is a surefire way to an early demise.

Nobody cares about you! Well except those that are close to you. Everyone else doesn’t give a damn. Imagine for a second you’re a Starbucks and forgot your wallet; how many people do you think would volunteer to buy you your coffee? If your ass is getting beat up in the street right now, you think they’d help you?

Unless you’re a beautiful women, you’re shit out of luck.

Why do you care about their opinions when they clearly don’t give a shit about you!

Who’s opinion really Matters? Yours or Theirs!

Very simple question. The answer will start setting you free. Who’s opinion really matters? If you know that you’re fucking amazing, why would the opinions of a bunch of buffoons that think you’re lame change your self-image. Let’s not delude ourselves, if EVERYONE think’s you’re a piece of shit then maybe it’s time for some retrospection.

This takes me back all the way to high school. I hated school, never cared much about studying. I preferred to hangout with friends, play sports and mack on girls. This attitude led me to have shitty grades. My style was just do the bare minimum to pass. Teachers thought I was dumbeinstein-on-blackboard, parents thought I was wasting my life away. Maybe I was, I just never let their opinions get to me.

I knew I was a fucking genius, maybe I’m still a bit delusional. The fact of the matter is, I did not let their opinions of me have any effect on me. If I had let them brain wash me into thinking I’m dumb, I fear to thing about where I’d be right now.

At Age 10, Kobe Bryant knew that he wanted to be an NBA Player, His guidance counselor told him to be more realistic. Instead of listening to his “elders” like we’re constantly told to do. Kobe stuck to his guns and went on to become one of the best basketball players of all time.

How I stopped Caring And Started Living

I’ve always had somewhat of a strong self-image. Don’t know where it really comes from, maybe early success in life being good in sports, the ability to make people laugh by acting like an idiot, whatever the case may be, I’ve always had a “I don’t care what you think” attitude.

The problem was that just like the wind, it comes and goes and it wasn’t a strong permanent feeling I could always rely on.

I learned early on that other people’s opinions won’t kill me. I used to do so many dumb things, (mooning random people, wearing bright pink shirts, acting like a complete degenerate..) and would wake up the next day only remembering the amount of fun I was having doing what I WANTED.

The following Challenges will help you stop caring what people think:

  • Wear a very flamboyant/exaggerated item of clothing. It can be a pink shirt with flowers and teddy bears, a hat in the shape of a dildo anything that will make people stare at you.


  • Be the only one Dancing in a crowded Area. Wear your headphones, put on your favorite song and just dance. Who cares if you don’t know how to dance. Just dance and don’t stop until the end of the song. Major props if you can be like this guy
  • Lay down in a crowded area* You’ll be terrified, but as soon as you lay down, just like magic. Your fear will disappear.

Laying down on a crowded street


  • Howl in Public*
  • Talk to women you find attractive in the subway, coffee shop, store.

The point of these challenges is to show you that nothing will happen to you. Contrary to what your brain may be telling you, You won’t die if people think you’re an idiot. On the contrary it is very freeing. Don’t knock it until you try it.

*These challenges were gotten from Comfort Zone Crushers. Check ’em out!

Just like Working out, This is a muscle;Build it up!

Never stop pushing past your comfort zone. Never stop challenging yourself and doing things you’re scared off. The only way you can truly stop caring what people think is to keep at it every single day.

Every single day push yourself just a little bit. Shed away judgment, and start living. The strong your frame of mind is, the freezer you’ll be in life.

Stop caring what people thing. At the end of the day, that shit don’t even matter.


Stay Strong

Until Next Time