Stop Chasing Perfection

Dear Friend


Today’s post is going to be slightly different. I recently saw a tweet by the main man Alexander Juan Cortez Antonio in which he mentioned the trifecta of life. Reading writing and working out for an hour a day each day until the day that you die. That sparked a lot of interest on twitter.


I whole heartedly agree with this trifecta. It’s an excellent foundation to have if you really take your life seriously and want to maximize your progress. On that post, I saw someone tweet about not knowing what to write. They seem to be struggling with the idea of writing every day for an hour no matter what. Since I’ve been writing a thousand words a day for a while now I have a few tricks up my sleeve that allow me to continuously put out content.

The solution I gave to that person was to write a thousand words without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. And guess what that is exactly what I am doing in this post. I put my money where my mouth is so I’ve decided to demonstrate first hand what it is I told him to do as i’ve done it multiple times.

The best writing session I’ve ever had was this one time in barnes and nobles where I sat down and wrote about 17,000 words without lifting my fingers from the keyboard once. I managed to do this despite the fact that a friend of mine showed up halfway through my challenge and he would not live me alone.

My boy Chris tried to engage me in conversation. The whole time he was there for probably 10 minutes he kept trying to engage me in conversation and I did not stop and get my fingers off the keyboard even once.

I did not publish that post anywhere. Despite the fact it was a major feat for me to write that much content in one seating. I doubt it was that good. I didn’t even read through it after I was done. I just finished typing it and put it away. To this day i have not gone through that content to see what I wrote for so long without stopping.

The way I managed to do that was to write exactly every single thought that came into my mind no matter what. That means there were lots of random things inside that post. I wrote so much that I don’t even remember what it is I wrote about. I know for sure that I wrote about a lot of different things.

The key to doing that is not thinking about writing the perfect piece of content. My goal was simple. Write until you cannot write anymore. I first started with a goal of writing 1000 words. After I had reached that I just kept on writing. Telling myself that I should aim for two thousand words. After I reached that I, I had never written that much in one go before so I just kept going to see how much I was able to produce in one go.

Now that I am revisiting that content in writing, I am going to make it available as a link in this post probably at the end. So far I am already close to 500 words and I have not taken my fingers out of the keyboard yet. I know this is not well organized and there are lots of spelling mistakes and grammar errors. The point of this was not to write a perfect piece., the point is simple write until you cannot write anymore.

I ha ve written so much right now and so fast that my word count has been stuck at 414 since a while now. And i just keep going not letting my computer have enough time to catch up to the words I am writing.

I am doing this to show that if you set a goal you can achieve it. It doesn’t matter if you 3 it with A* marks. As long as you achieve it that’s all that matter. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you.It will take as long as it takes.

I got that saying form my main man Victor Pride aka bold and determined. he has one of the best blogs in the world. you should definitely be reading him.See I am still writing with such speed and not letting my fingers get off my keyboard even for a second that my word count is still stuck at 414 as I keep writing this.

By the way I am going I am going to reach a thousand words and not even know it. Doesn’t matter thou I am going to keep writing until I feel like I have hit my daily target of writing 100 words.

Writing is the best thing I have started doing recently. It is a wonderful way for my to organize my thought and learn how to articulate what is in my mind better. Like Jordan Peterson said in one of his videos. he has many but I remember this one clearly. He said there is nothing quiet as powerful as a person that is articulate. So i slowed down a bit with my writing and i have already reached 800 words but i am going to keep going.

This has been a very interesting post. Compared to my other posts throughout this whole challenge this has been the most messy post. It has been a quick barrage of words put onto this screen without stopping.

So i don’t doubt that a lot of what i have written here doesn’t make sense. And I am okay with that. The point of this post was to write 1000 words without stopping and that is exactly what i have done. I’ve written so much and i haven’t let my fingers get off my keyboard even for a second to try and think off what i am going to say next. What ever comes out comes out and that is how it is going to be.

If you want to learn how to start writing and you are having a hard time figuring out what it is you want to write about. I recommend you just write a thousand words without letting your fingers get off the keyboard.\I have reached my goal of a thousand words so I am going to stop now.


I hope this article if you managed to read it until the end you deserve a medal. but i hope this article has thought you one new trick today. that trick being write for 1000 words without letting your fingers get off your keyboard.

Best of luck

From the bed of Abdoulaye

P.S Probably a lot of people are going to stop reading this blog once they see the insanity of this post and the complete lack of structure of attractiveness i have done.


P.S here is the link to the blog that I wrote for a long as time without stopping. Forgot how many words but I was writing for hours. If you read that You are a fucking soldier because even I haven’t read it. Enjoy.

P.S.S it’s password protected because Fuck it. Password -> “Let Me In