The Spiral of Life

Dear Friend

I’m fresh out the shower smelling like a million bucks. Sitting on my bed (no surprise) about to delve into the duality of life. This idea is something that I’ve known for a very long time now. I’m thinking it started from my picking up girls days when I used to listen to Tyler ramble in his online videos. And by ramble I mean impart his wisdom through his videos. Cause that motherfucker is a genius who has had a tremendous impact in my life. So for that I’m infinitely grateful. Now back on topic; today I’m going to dive into the spiral of life. By that I mean how your life can either spiral upwards or downwards. Sounds pretty simple, but trust me, There’s more to it then just that.


Spiral Downwards

Once you fail at something, you’re more likely to keep failing at everything. Sounds deadly right. Well let me explain. Let’s say you get laid off from your job. For the sake of conversation through no fault of yours at all. Now you’re depressed because you have no job, so you’re more likely to no go out and look for another job. Especially if you’re a neurotic person, you’ll most likely beat yourself up and drive yourself deeper down the spiral of misery.

From this misery, you’re relationship with your significant other will suffer since you’re in a depressed mood. This might end up causing your relationship to end because everything around you is going to shit. You then stop working out, because why bother, you’re jobless, you feel like shit, your partner left you. Now you’re even more likely not to find another partner. You keep complaining around your friends and bringing them into your misery until they decide that they’ve had enough of you. Now you’re jobless with no partner and friends. On top of that your health is in decline. This all started because you got let go from your job. You then let yourself get carried in that negative spiral where whatever can go wrong is going wrong. Now you’ve developed a drinking problem and had to move back home with your parents because you couldn’t support yourself anymore. Now all you do all day is drink ¬†until you throw up, then drink some more and just be a complete pain to be around for everyone that comes in contact with you.

You’re in a deep place of hell right now. Even your own family is afraid to interact with you because they feel that you’d drag them down into your misery. You decide to end it all by getting drunk to the point of delusion and getting into your mums station wagon and driving off a bridge. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Now your dead. Quiet an ending.

Now let’s compare that with:

Spiraling Upwards


Spira lUpwards Stairs To Heaven

This is the fun part. This is when you just keep moving up in life. “From those who have everything, more will be given. From those that have nothing, Everything will be taken. – The Matthew Principle”.
Here’s a perfect example of that. You get called into the office by your boss. He’s noticed how well you’ve been performing recently so he decided to give you a twenty percent raise to encourage you to perform even better. This puts you in an exceptionally good mood. You leave the office with all smiles. As you’re driving to happy hour to meet up with your friends, you hit green lights all the way there. Once you get to the bar, you notice your friends are already there. They’ve already ordered you your favorite drink. It’s just waiting for you to sip on it.

You’re all having fun and for some reason, your jokes hit more then usual. You have people just crying of laughter. There a table of cute girls next to you guys, and every single one of those women is just eying you up and down and biting their lips. That puts you in an even better mood. The cute bartender decided to give you free snacks on the house today for no reason whatsoever. You don’t complain you just take them.

You take a little bathroom break. On your way back you notice the table of cute girls eyeing you down has somehow managed to assimilate with your buddies and their all just having a fantastic time. You join them and your buddies give you the greatest introduction of all time. At this point the women are just drooling all over you. One by one your buddies leave until it’s just you with the three women left.

You find out that you live in the same neighborhood as them so you decide to offer them all a ride home. As you go to pay for the bill, the bartender says not to worry about it, it’s already been taken care of. Everything that can possibly go right is going right. As you drive the girls home somehow they all end up at your place and then proceed to take turns AND simultaneously demonstrating to you the finest things in life.

And to say all that started with a simple promotion.

Avoid downwards Spirals. Seek to Spiral Upwards

There are lots of things that can happen to you that can result in systematically dragging you down. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will fall prey to the downwards spiral and before you know it your life has turned into complete shit.

No matter what you do, always strive to be moving forwards. I get it sometimes life throws shit at us that is completely out of our control like getting fired from your job from no fault of your own. The thing to remember in a situation like that is to not let that drag you down because it will. The wise thing to do is to turn that into something even better.

Way easier said then done. Just remember thou nothing worth having comes easy.

With that note, I’ll catch you tomorrow for another thousand word post.

Stay spiraling upwards.


P.S From those who have everything, more will be given. From those who have nothing, everything will be taken. Aways strive to move forward. Avoid negative spirals as much as you can because they will kill you if you allow them