Thoughts After a 16 Hour Fast

From now on on this blog, I will be writing 1000 words a day on anything. All I am going to do is sit down with my laptop, pull up this webpage and write away until  my 1000 word minimum has been reached and then I will hit publish after adding some images and correcting grammar and spelling. This is going to be an exercise on consistency and doing the work no matter what. What I am going to write is going to vary greatly. Today I am starting this off after a long day of fasting from ~4am until 8:20pm.

This was  my first day of ramadan this year (2017). I’ve fasted before for long stretches off time so I know that I can do this. I did it. My head was killing me. I had a headache the size of mount Everest. It was of gigantic proportions. I attribute it to the lack of water intake. In this fast, there is no food or water from sun  up to sun down. It is made even harder being in north America where the days are astronomically long.

After listening to a Jordan Peterson talk last night on postmodernism and the mask of compassion. I felt compelled to make some changes in my life. First thing I did after going to sleep and waking up was clean my room. That took a monstrous three hours to do. Cleaned the floor, made my bed, rearranged the room and got rid of a lot of cluster. It was a very hard thing to do. I don’t usually clean my room. That shit is messy more times then not.

From this point forward. I am going to keep my room clean. I’ve realized after this three hour long cleaning fiasco that this is not something that I can be doing every single day. I came to the conclusion that instead of waiting until my room because filthy and intolerable, I will spend each and every single day making sure that it stays clean. That does seem like a lot more work. Every single day doing a few little things that will help keep my room tidy. Picking up after myself. Taking dirty dishes to the kitchen as soon I am done using them. Sweeping the dirt from the floor as soon as it gets dirty. This is far easier then waiting for everything to pile up into a gigantic pile that will seem daunting just to look at.

My room is an extension of me. I spend a large amount of time in my room. A minimum of 6 hours a day just to sleep and the countless other hours that I’m in here doing work, reading, watching youtube videos, lounging around doing nothing. All that adds up. Doing those activities in a clean room is much more beneficial then doing them in a dirty room.

After I’ve incorporated this habit, I plan on incorporating more habits into my arsenal. One of them is reading more. It’s been over a month the last time I’ve picked up a book and just read it with no distraction. I am going to be reading everyday for 1 hour a day. As soon as I’m done writing this blog post. I am going to hit up the gym for a quick 45 min chest workout. I’ll then come back and make some food to eat as all i’ve had to break my fast is vegetable egg fried rice and a liter of water.

I have some chicken defrosting in the kitchen that I am going to make after the gym.

Everyday I am going to do something that will make the following day much less miserable and painful. Everyday I will do something that will help make my life incrementally better. Today the first step was cleaning my room. On top of that I’m going to hit the gym and I am going to read for an hour. That is 3 things that will make my life that little bit better.

I am also going to be posting on here everyday now. I have a reason to be posting everyday. The initial reason that I started RebornThroughPain was to lay out how I’ve managed to ameliorate my existence while simultaneously showing people how I’ve done it so that they can do the same thing if they chose to.

Now the goal of this blog is still very similar but the focus has gone from the reader to the writer. I am now going to focus on actually ameliorating my life instead of focusing on what cool blog post will I be able to post today to gain more readers. That doesn’t matter anymore. Even if nobody ever reads this blog ever again, I am totally fine with that. I am going to keep posting every single day the thousand word minimum.

This is going to be very beneficial to me. I am going to learn how to articulate my thoughts that much better. I am going to learn how to sort out the mess in my mind and present it in a way that makes sense to me. There is nothing more powerful then an articulate person. Words are weapons and this blog is going to aid in sharpening my words until just looking at them will cause excessive bleeding.

As I venture more into the world and try my best to alleviate unnecessary suffering, this blog will help me tremendously iron out my arguments while simultaneously building myself out by writing my way to the answer. 1 thousand words a day minimum is no joke. I have no idea how long I am going to keep on doing this. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Now that this is out there, I have to keep myself accountable and follow through with what I said I am going to do.

Tomorrow I will be back with a new blog post that might make no sense at all. Nonetheless I will be back here tomorrow with another thousand words.

Until then,

Stay Safe