The True Cost of Success

The majority of people will never be successful. It’s very simple to figure out why. They are oblivious to the true cost of success.

They are the types of people who love and vouch for the book “the secret“. Just think about your million dollars or the life you want, it will come to you. When you look at their lives you realize that they live in a fantasy world. They are still waiting for their dreams to get handed down to them on a silver platter.

They fail to completely execute the power of visualization. They have the first part on lock. They only fail because they do not take action. They patiently wait and hope that their goals will manifest right in front of them. That’s not how the universe works.

Will You Give It All Up?

If your answer to that is NO just forget it. You’ll never achieve your dream. As soon as a slight difficulty arrises you will fail. You will find numerous reasons to always quit.

During operation Redwing in Afghanistan, a shepherd and his son accidentally compromised the location of Murph’s four-man sniper-observer team. Shortly thereafter, a mob of fighters overtook the SEALs. Murph’s team valiantly fought their way down a rugged mountaintop, taking hits. Ignoring his own safety, Murph stepped into the open to use his satellite phone, the only place he could get an uplink. As he connected and relayed the position to his backup force, the fighters mortally wounded Murph.

The Way of The Seal – Mark Divine

In a moment of extreme distress with his life on the line Lieutenant Murph without a shred of doubt risked his life to accomplish his mission and aid his troops back to safety. He sacrificed his life to get what he wanted.

Although that’s a drastic example, it succinctly explains the mind state you need in order to achieve without fail the missions you set out for yourself.

A long while ago, I wanted to be a very skilled longboarder that can pull out various tricks out of my arsenal at any moments notice to get over obstacles, show off and moisten up panties. After countless falls, bruises, having the board hit my shins over and over again, ripping my clothes I said fuck that.

I’ll never be an exceptional longboarder with various panty dropping skate tricks; and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll stick to being able to do this:

How To Never Give Up

From the example above, Lieutenant Murph never gave up. Giving up was not even in the equation.

He knew his WHY. Why he was doing what he was doing. Not only that, his WHY was so powerful that there nothing in the world would have stopped him from accomplishing what he set out to do (except death).

What is your WHY? Is it strong enough to withstand adversity? Is it meaningful enough that you will give everything else you have in life to get it? Does it compel you to take massive action?

If your WHY is not big enough; you will always excuses that will lead you to quit.

Over the past year, I’ve become very conscientious about my fitness. It’s reached the point that I would rather die than never be able to work out again. At this point in my life and where I see my self, I’ll be working out for as long as I’m physically capable. My WHY compels me so much that no injury is great enough to divert me from my path. No person alive can convince me not to go to the gym. Even a lack of a gym will not stop me from working out.

cost of success - heavy squats


If someone put a gun to my head and said I will kill you and everyone you hold dear if you don’t stop working out, I’d like to think that I’m flexible enough to walk away and align my life with another goal I’d giving everything to.

But wait… A second ago, you said that you’d rather die than not be able to workout again. Now you’re back tracking. Liar. Before you have my head on a spike, I’d like you to be aware of the subtle nuances in life. The reason I can hold both of this contradicting points of view in my mind is simple. They revolve around different premises. I’d rather die then stop working out is true. So is I’d rather stop working out then watching my loved ones die. (will be discussed in detail in upcoming post)

Just know that once your WHY becomes big enough and consumes you, I guarantee you QUITTING WILL NOT BE IN YOUR VOCABULARY.

The True Cost Of Success







It’s going to take everything you’ve got if you want to make it. You have to be willing to lose it all to gain it all. Unless you’re ready to commit the ultimate sacrifice, you’re not ready to fully accept success. It might not happen today, tomorrow, next month, next year, it might never happen. If you want it bad enough, nothing will stop you from going after it no matter how long it takes.

At the end, it will always be worth it because you stayed true to yourself and your desire.

Be ready to give it all to get it all.

Until Next Time