The Only Way to Trust Your Instincts

You’re at home sitting on the couch chatting to your significant other while soft jazz music plays in the background. She is telling you stories. You’re telling her stories. The conversation gradually takes a turn to sex and before you know it, you’ve asked her the forbidden question. How many guys have you slept with? She tells you seven. Once you hear that, your facial expressions remain unchanged but your gut starts churning. For some unknown reason to you yet, that answer made you uneasy. You can’t quiet put your finger on it and you don’t bring it up to her; instead continue the conversation like nothing happened. For some reason, your gut is telling you “this bitch is lying”. You have no evidence to prove it, you don’t even know why you doubt her but you just know that the answer she gave you was straight bullshit. In this post, I’ll show you how and when to trust your instincts.

From the day you’re born to the day you die, you’re instincts are always working. Always providing you with guidance and hints about the situation you find yourself in. These instincts have been developing for millions of years from your earliest ancestors until you right now. The people with shitty instincts died out. If you’re alive it means that you have pretty powerful instincts from millions of years of evolution. We all have instincts. The difference comes in how we react to these instincts. I’ve broken this down into three categories of people. Those who don’t listen to their instincts and quiet them down. Those that can’t trust their instincts and those that listen and rely on their instincts.


You Can’t Trust Your Instincts

I’m starting off with this category because I find it to be the most catastrophic state that you can find yourself in. The only way that you’d disregard your instincts completely and not trust them is if you’re full of shit. That means you lie to people and worst then that, YOU LIE TO YOURSELF. This has the effect of polluting your internal compass to the point that you can’t trust anything that comes from you. You’ve been consciously lying for decades, how could you trust your instincts? You can’t. Luckily this is fixable. It’s not going to be easy. You’re going to have to stop lying. FOREVER. No more lies about nothing EVER.

“So, Abdoulaye, are you just looking to have sex with me or do you want something more” – At this present moment all I want to do is have sex. If something else develops after that so be it but that’s not what I’m looking for”

“Abdoulaye, would you sleep with my sister?” – She is sexy and has a nice hourly glass figure with plump juicy lips, long dark hair and her ass OMG. Of course I would.

“Why were you late to dinner?” – Sorry I had a little wank after work and fell asleep.

Never lying again is not going to be easy. Once you start doing it, you’ll realize that the majority of the things you said are lies, they aren’t your own thoughts or you’re just using language to manipulate people so that you can get what you’re after.

STOP LYING FOREVER. Only then will you be able to completely trust your instincts.


You Don’t Listen To Your Instincts


Listen To Your Instinct


You’re at a bar macking on the flyest girl in the venue. You haven’t had sex in 3 months. Your balls are the size of watermelons (NOFAP). You’ve striked out with every other girl in the venue but somehow, with this girl it’s different. She laughs at all your jokes. Even the unfunny ones. She caresses your arms as you speak. Looks you deep in the eyes and submissively looks down and away every time you tease her. She is showing all the signs. You pull the trigger and hop in an Uber back to your place. You’re making out furiously in the back of the Uber. Although it smells like rotten fish in there, you ignore it. Most of the blood that keeps your nose smelling has travelled all the way down giving you a massive boner. You both jump out the black car and run inside your apartment. Hands still roaming, lips still kissing, tongues still sword fighting. For some weird reason. That smell from the Uber has followed you. Maybe you sat on something. Who cares. You’re about to get laid finally after 3 months. Clothes start flying off before you’ve even closed the front door. As soon as her panties hit the floor. You immediately realize that that fishy smells wasn’t coming from the Uber at all. Too late now. you’re already naked. And you haven’t had sex in three whole months. It’s not like you’re going to eat her out anyways. You grab on a helmet and put it on you. You then proceed to last a minute per month you haven’t had sex before exploding into the helmet. You go to the bathroom to clean yourself up. You can’t even look at your face in the mirror. As you go to flush the helmet. You noticed it’s ripped. Thanks free NYC condoms. Now your dick is probably going to fall off in a couple of days and you’ve completely destroyed your sense of smell. All for three minutes.


On multiple occasions you can look back at that story and see numerous times your instincts where trying to tell you something but you just wouldn’t listen. You had to get your nut off no matter what. Now you’re stuck peeing from your ass explaining to future partners why you have no dick. Trust your instincts. They will tell you to do things that are going to be unpleasant like not hooking up with a girl that is down no matter how horny and desperate you are. The more you ignore your instincts, the worse the condition you’re going to be in until your dick finally falls off. Don’t let your dick fall off. Listen and trust your instincts.


You Trust Your Instincts

This is the place we want to find ourselves in. When you trust your instincts. You will have the confidence to act on them. You’re in a situation that doesn’t feel right. You’ll get out. You feel like your significant other is lying to you. You won’t ignore it, you’ll bring it up and what ever happens after is the best thing that could happen. You’re out spitting game at a bar and the one girl you’re talking to is giving you weird vibes, you’ll get as far away as possible. Learn to trust your instincts.

Your instincts are more powerful then your rational mind can comprehend. Learn to never pollute your inner compass with lies so that you can listen and trust your instincts. Learn to confront what your instincts tell you no matter how unpleasant it might be in the moment or your dick might end up falling out. Don’t suppress your instincts. Listen and trust your instincts.


– Until Next Time