Truth: The Entire History of You

Dear friend


WOW. I stumbled down an interesting rabbit hole today. After my post yesterday on being more aware of how you spend your time, I did the exact opposite of that. I went on reddit for a five minutes which then drove me to youtube. I gotta tell ya. Totally worth it. I ended up spending forty minutes watching an episode of a series called Black Mirror : The Entire History of You. You can watch it below. I highly recommend it as it is a premonition of the events that will be taking place in a possible future not too far away. The epiosde prompted me to write this post about the truth.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I am about to reveal the gist of the plot to you right now. In the not so distant future, technology has advanced to such a state that humans can now chose to implant themselves with chips that will record every single thing that they see and hear. The chips will also allow them to play back those memories, pause them, analyze them and share them with other people on a big screen. Freaky.

Technology will kill monogamy

With the advent of this technology. It will become absolutely impossible to lie to your significant other. Monogamy as we know it is going to die. No lie, no joke no exaggeration. Don’t even take my word for it. Say I’m a loony with trust issues. Cool. Just watch. Monogamy and sexual relationships are never going to be the same again.

In the episode “The Entire History of Us”, the two main characters, Liam and Ffion (I know) are a married couple. They attend a party where they encounter another guy named Jonas. Liam notices that Jonas and Ffion have a weird interaction together so once they get home, Liam plays back the memories of them at the party. Ffion tries to play it off like nothing happens. She lies to him. It’s impossible to lie when everyone of your memories are recorded. Ffion finally admits to having been involved in an affair with Jonas but before she was together with Liam.

At this point Liam doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth so while drunk out of his mind on liquor, he goes over to Jonas’s house and demands that he erase every single memory he has of him and Ffion together. During the process of Jonas erasing those memories, he catches a glimpse on the screen of Ffion naked in their bedroom from 18 months ago. Before his and Ffion child was born. Ffion said that she was involved with Jonas way before they met. HAHA.

He caught her. So he heads back home and ask her about it. She denies the whole thing. You can’t lie when every one of your memories are recorded and you can play them back for the whole world to see. Feeling cornered, Ffion tried to delete the memories real quick but Liam stops her. He then makes her play them back and he finds out that she cheated on him with Jonas. He asks her if she used a condom with Jonas. She said yes. Liam goes, did he have a condom with him because there wasn’t any in their bedroom where she cheated because they were trying to conceive. She said yes that Jonas used a condom. Liam goes, sure, so let me see your memory of him using the condom. The look on her face. Priceless.

Basically. She didn’t use a condom when she cheated and the baby is not his. The story ends with Liam using a razor blade to remove the chip that records all the memories from behind his ear with blood oozing everywhere. The truth shall set you free.


Truth dating holding hands

The Truth is above everything

There are lots of Liam’s in the world right now. They have hunches that their significant others are cheating on them but there is no proof at all. no memories you can go around and replay to your hearts content until you get to the bottom of the answer. The truth shall set you free.

I’m writing this post to let you know that honesty is the way to go. Sooner or later, all the lies and deceit you participate in will come back and bite you in the fucking ass. The majority of relationships people find themselves in are complete farces. All based on lies. With the invention of this technology, that will not exist anymore. With the ability to play back any memory and show it to other people. There is no way at all you can lie and get away with it.

Before that happens, you should live your life in a way that you do not ever lie about anything. That’s hard as fuck to do. Especially when you audit your life and find out that 99% of everything you say every day is a fucking lie. It’s hard to immediately just start telling the truth. You will lose countless friendships, relationships and other opportunities that thrived on those lies.

The truth is above everything. It’s above your job, it’s above your wife, your family even your children. The truth can’t be fucked with. Don’t fuck with the truth. Don’t tell lies. Live a righteous life that you are not ashamed off.

Say things that you mean, and do things that you say. Live a life in balance with your thought, feelings and actions. Don’t lie and you’ll become more in alignment with all those three things. I undersdant that it’s hard as hell to tell the truth.

An easier solution that I got from Jordan Peterson is, don’t say things that you know to be false.


I hope with this post, I’ve managed to show you why you need to stop lying and start telling the truth. Sooner or later with technology you won’t even have the optino to lie anymore.

That’s it for today.

I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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P.S.S Caleb nails it on the head even better then I was able to do with this quick post I made. Check him out.