Why I Have Trust Issues!

It hurts a lot when you realize that something someone told you and you believed in dearly WAS A COMPLETE LIE. It hurts even more when it keeps on happening time and time again with people you trust whole heartedly. We all have trust issues.

I’ve experienced this countless times, you’ve experienced this and we’ll keep experiencing it. The only difference is how we react to it.

Below you’ll find 20 destructive lies (delusions) that countless people including myself have been told.

20 Biggest Lies that Led To My Trust Issues


Go To College or Never Be Employable

Everyone keeps repeating this nonsense. Look at the massive amount of student load debts ($1.2 TRILLION), look at the number of college graduates that end up working in fields totally unrelated to what they are studying, look at the number of unemployed college students. The numbers are catastrophic yet we keep feeding people straight into the belly of the beast. Drowning them in unsurmountable debts and loans they most likely won’t be able to repay because NO JOBS.

If you’re hell-bound on going to college. Go! Only if it’s in the STEM field or else you’re completely wasting your time and money. I spent 4 years of my life getting a useless business degree from an expensive university. Luckily I didn’t graduate with any debt.

Those four years I spent learning about things that I forgot could have been used in a much more beneficial way. Acquiring actual skills, starting businesses and learning from mentor that have done what I want to do. As a teenager there’s no way for you to be aware of all of this.

It took me going through four years of college,only being able to get a soul killing door to door sales job that I knew this was absolutely not what I wanted to do. Doing everything I was told and ending up miserable is why I have trust issues.


Buy A House

It’s part of the american dream to want to own the white picked fence house. The fact of the matter is you never actually own the house. The house will be never yours. Even if you buy it outright. Fail to pay property taxes once and watch the bankers come for your house without an ounce of sympathy. Fail to pay your mortgage, your house will get repossessed and sold to the highest bidder.

I’ve thought about owning my own property multiples times, even owning houses just to rent out and make passive income. After realizing the complete sham that is the housing market, I’ll stick with renting. For a much more in-depth analysis check out why it’s financial suicide to own a house by James Altucher.

“My reason teaches me that land cannot be sold. The Great Spirit gave it to his children to live upon. So long as they occupy and cultivate it, they have a right to the soil. Nothing can be sold but such things as can be carried away” –Black Hawk


Treat Women Nicely

Be polite and courteous. Treat women like a gentleman. Every man that has acted in this manner has been burned many times and will keep getting burned if his behavior does not change. I don’t treat women nice. I treat them fair. Reward positive behavior punish bad behavior.

Only kiss asses treat women nicely. They override their natural feelings to get a desired outcome (pussy). What they don’t know is that this behavior is why they ain’t getting any.

I used to g0 out of my way to to show women how nice I am, even if that meant putting myself in an unfavorable position.  To my then surprise, they would never reward my niceness by spreading their legs for me. The things men do to get laid.

Once I stopped this foolish behavior and actually started acting like a man and treating them fairly. I got exactly what it was I was after this whole time.

People telling me that I have to be nice to women and getting burned over and over again is why I have trust issues.


Feminism Is About Equality

It’s very easy to take people at their words and believe what they tell us. A much better tell for what their real purpose is is by looking at their actions. Feminism had us all fooled.

They said they were about equality so we believed them. Once we start analyzing their actions and observing their behaviors, it becomes completely obvious that they have never been about equality.

Equality between Men and Women is never going to be achieved. It’s as futile as trying to prove apples and oranges are the same. As long as both parties involved are happy with the outcome what is there really to complain about.

Look at all the things feminist are famous for: “#KillAllMen”, “I bathe in Male Tears”, censoring free speech, Hating on a scientific that just landed a spacecraft on a comet because of his shirt, the list is endless. Who would take such a group of people seriously.

Feminism telling me that they are for equality and going on to act contrary to what they say is why I have trust issues.


Money Is The Root Of All Evil/Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

We hear this one everywhere. Mostly from broke people. Money is the root of all evil, NO, your inability to make money and blame others for your shortcoming is the root of all evil. Without money you can’t eat food, you can’t take care of yourself or your loved ones, you can’t afford things that you want. The list is endless.

In the words of the great Victor Pride.

Money Doesn’t buy happiness.

Sure it doesn’t.

It just buys things that make you happy.

All money will do is amplify who you are. If you’re an alcoholic, you’ll still be an alcoholic but now you get drunk on expensive liquor. If you’re a gambler, now you’ll gamble with a lot more money. Referring to an inanimate object that people assign value to as the root of all evil is ludicrous.

Good people do good things. Good people with money do great things. Evil people do bad things. Evil people with money do atrocious things. Saying money is the root of all evil is as stupid as saying guns kill people.


It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

This lie affects mostly women. An obese guy with a neck beard and horrible sense of styles knows that his options on the dating market are limited to his hands or the hole he cut in the pillow.

Women on the other hand are told that they are beautiful no matter what they look like. This is simply not the case. Your outside is a manifestation of your inside. Being fat means you have low self respect, no discipline and you love to indulge in your emotions.

This reality hit me as soon as I started taking my fitness seriously. When I shed my baby fat, lost my gut and started building muscle. The whole world started treating me better. I started building a higher self respect for myself so in turn the world adjusted and viewed me with more respect.

I have trust issues, because I kept getting told that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and I figure ou

The reason I have trust issues is I found out that people were as shallow as me and that what’s on the outside is as important as what’s on the inside.


Women Are Oppressed By Men

Another one of the lies spread by feminism. Unless we’re talking about countries with strict sharia law, Women are not oppressed by men. ESPECIALLY IN THE WESTERNIZED WORLD.

Women make their own decisions and do what ever it is that they want. It drives me nuts seeing women born after the 60’s crying oppression. HOW? And by WHO?  The patriarchy they say. If you really believe there is a sinister force in the universe called the patriarchy that oppresses women, I feel sorry for you.

It’s usually people that took out massive student loans to pursue useless degrees like women’s studies and end up with miserable low paying jobs that blame the world for their shortcomings.

Women are not oppressed by men. Frankly, we (men & women) are all victims of the same force trying to divide and conquer us. If we stand together united we are impossible to take down. Yet we bicker and drive wedges between ourself making their jobs easier.

It’s time to take accountability for the situation you find yourself in. It’s all your fault. Nobody had a gun to your head telling you what to do with your life. Women crying that their are oppressed by men and me coming to find out that it’s the complete opposite is why I have trust issues.


Only White People Can Be Racist

Since black people have never been in a position of power, they can’t be racist only prejudice. That’s a whole load of crap. I hear so many black people spewing racist remarks and then justifying it by claiming that black people can’t be racist. It’s mind boggling how brain washed they are that they can’t even comprehend the cognitive dissonance they are displaying.

Everyone can be racist no matter what your skin color is. Prime example of this is the Black Lives Matter group. What started out as a just cause, quickly turned into a full blown racist movement where you can even express your opinion because, you ain’t black.

Imagine we started a White Lives Matter movement. It’ll be quickly shutdown for being racist. BLM is trying to unite a group against outsiders through the use of powerful and constant slogans (Black Lives Matter), and mainly unquestionable subservience. You’re either with them or against them, you can’t be with them on some issues and against them on other. Also know as fascism.


Performance Enhancing Drugs Are Bad

I don’t know in what alternative universe wanting to better yourself and maximizing your genetic potential can be viewed as bad. Yet PED are banned. Elite athletes have to go through rigorous methods to obtain PED that cannot be tested. All elite athletes use PED’s, the only difference between the top levels, is the types and quality of drugs they’re taking.

If all of these was legal, the playing fields would be leveled. Even on a smaller scale for example your average bodybuilder. They have to go through obscure and sometimes unsafe places to get a hold of their steroids. If all of this was regulated, elite competitors would be safer.

If there was no such things as PED’s, we’d have no Arnold Schwarzenegger, no Lance Armstrong, no NFL, no world records broken, nothing spectacular just above average people doing above average things.

Testosterone, a hormone naturally produced by the body is deemed to be a PED because if you happen to increase it’s levels, you get stronger and build more muscle while increasing performance.

This Genetic Freak Post by Victor Pride opened my eyes to the fact PED aren’t the devil they are made to be. People that have no clue what they are talking about telling me that PED’s are bad and finding out the truth is why I have trust issues.


Women Make 75Cents for Every Dollar A Man Makes

Everyone repeats this lie including the President of The United States

There have been countless studies done by very reputable sources to get down to the bottom of this issue. They all came down to the same conclusions that women DO NOT get payed less then men for the same amount of work. The fact that this myth has been debunked multiples times yet Feminists still want to perpetuate this ignorance says more about them then anything else.

The discrepancies show up when we take all men and all women and find the average. This can all be attributed to personal choice. If left to their own devices, men and women make very different decisions. Men work longer hours and in more dangerous job. Women take more holidays and do more part time jobs.


1 in 5 Women Get Raped in College

Let’s take NYU for example, There are 57,245 current students. About 31,485 of those students are women You mean to tell me that around 6,297 of those women get raped a year. Preposterous! Let’s be reasonable for a second.

Who in their right minds would send their daughters to college if they had such a high chance of getting raped. Nobody because it isn’t true.

This is another one of those feminist lies that have been debunked multiples times but still will not die. Rape is a very serious crime and steps should be put in place to eliminate it. The problem arises when multiple innocent people get accused of rape by vindictive women that manage to ruin their whole lives and yet nothing happens to the false accuser.

Look at mattress girl, look at the UVA hoax. There are far too many instances with minimal justice to the real victims because of “rape culture” and a skewed juridical system focused on pleasing select groups instead of fighting for justice.

If you accuse someone of a crime you know they did not commit, you should get the punishment they were going to get. This law would solve that immediately.

Constantly being lied to that 1 in 5 women will get sexually abused in college and finding out that the reality is not as grim as it was painted is why I have trust issues.


You’re A Special Snowflake That Deserves The Best

For men, this usually comes from our parents mostly mothers that make us feel like we are special because we’re their little offspring. Pretty soon life starts hitting us hard and we realize that, we actually ain’t all of that. We get beat up, rejected and torn down by everyone until most men became a shell of themselves.

Women don’t have it quiet as easy either. Especially if they’re beautiful. They get told how lovely and special their are from an early age. They are called princess and queens. A lot end up developing princess syndromes. This comes back around full circle and bites them in the ass when they least expect it.

They end up getting attracted to men that aren’t fazed by looks. And once their beauty starts declining, that princess syndrome ends up turning them into bitter lonely old women, or women that had to settle down to someone they don’t want because they waited too long to settle down.

The optimal way to view oneself in this regard is with a dichotomy. You are special but at the same time, you ain’t shit. This gives you a healthy regard on yourself because you can not areas that you aren’t good at and improve on them.

Being told that I’m a special snowflake and and experiencing a completely different reality is why I have trust issues.


Women Can Never Love Men The Way The Want To Be Loved

The day this realization finally dawned on me, I could not believe how I had managed to live life being ignorant of this fundamental truth all men need to know.

How I ended up landing on this jewel of wisdom is irrelevant because I can’t remember. As I kept reading the succinct masterpiece put together by Rollo Tomassi the author of The Rational Male piece by piece all my failed serious relationships started to make sense.

Women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

In its simplicity this speaks volumes about about the condition of Men. It accurately expresses a pervasive nihilism that Men must either confront and accept, or be driven insane in denial for the rest of their lives when they fail to come to terms with the disillusionment.

Check out his book The Rational Male, It’ll open up your eyes to the ACTUAL way the world works.


Some People Have It Others Don’t

I always believed that some people had innate talent that made them superior to other people. Sure there exist some people born with a talent that makes it easier for them to perform a particular task. At the end of the day, Hard work will beat talent 100% of the time if talent doesn’t put in the work.

People have told me I can’t perform a lot of things because I just wasn’t “born with the gift”. I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, I was told countless times that there is no musical bone in my body. I wanted to be a professional Soccer player, I was told I’m not good enough, fast enough, strong enough.

I don’t blame none of the people that told me that. My passion wasn’t strong enough. I could have done anything if I put in the work. I didn’t. I recently picked up the Ukulele and plan on finally being able to play an instrument. The more I write they better I’ll get. In 10 years, my writing will be on a different stratosphere that I can’t even imagine right now.

There are people that are naturally going to be better at certain things. DO NOT let that stop you from pursuing what you want to do. It’ll be best if you can find what it is you’re naturally good at and then excelling at those things. Passion + talent + hard work = top 0.01% of the population in that skill.


Parents Know What’s Best For You

I grew up in a kind of dictatorship where parents are the ultimate rulers, you do as they say and never question their authority. They know what’s best for you. This is complete nonsense and does more harm then good.

Instead of teaching a child how to form their own opinions by look at reality objectively and studying the evidence. You are just told what to believe without being able to question it. I don’t see this as the fault of the parents either. Their parents probably raised them the same way so they are just copying what they learned and internalized as children.

This kind of parenting leads to lots of animosity between all involved parties. Parents trying to control children, the children trying to rebel themselves.

If you raised your children to the best of your abilities and imparted in them great qualities such as critical thinking, honesty, respect and compassion, you should as parents trust their decision making and allow them to live their lives the way they see fit.

You can and should warn them about pitfalls you’ve encountered, advise them if they’re about to make a particularly blunder you’ve already dealt with and generally be as helpful as you can without dictating how they should live their lives. If you raised them right you won’t need to.

Finding out that parents don’t necessarily know what’s best for you is why I have trust issues.


Women Are Just As Sexual As Men If Not More

I don’t know how this fallacy came into existence but it is completely flawed for many reasons.

“Booty is so strong that there are dudes willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of booty in an other dimension. There are no chicks willing to blow themselves up for a penis.”
– Joe Rogan

That quote from Joe Rogan alone should humor into you seeing how silly of a thought it is to think that women are more sexual then men.

To further reinforce this point, all we have to look at is hormonal makeup. Testosterone is a major component in  determining how high or low of libido a person has. Women have on average 86 ng/dl of testosterone while men on average have 1100 ng/dl of testosterone which amount to about 13 times more testosterone then women.

Biologically, men are 13 times more sexual then women. Can’t argue with nature. You can either accept it for what it is, or whine and complain about things you can’t change.

The final nail in the coffin of this nonsense is women’s libido depends on their menstrual cycle. They get more sexually receptive around ovulation time. While we are sexually receptive to every women we find attractive. For a much more detailed review check out Rollo’s post.

There are examples all around us that prove the contrary. All you need to do is open your eyes, question everything people tell you and you will find the answers. The truth is out there if you really want to find it.


It’s Wrong To Date Multiple Women At Once

Who do you think you are? Some Casanova! No self respecting women will accept to be part of such a selfish situation. Hugh Hefner does it. But you’re not rich like the playboys so you’ll never do it. And first of all he’s a pig.

I’ve heard it all. From the completely ridiculous to the you kinda got a point there. The fact of the matter is, YOU CAN HAVE ANY TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT. It’s crazy isn’t it. If you want three girlfriends, by all means, get three girlfriends. If you want only one, well do you pleya and get you that one.

There are so many different types of relationships that people can have. It makes no sense to only be stuck on the one that you know. Just know for a fact women will rather be part of a harem with a man on top of the food chain rather then a weak emotional tampon she has to settle on. Moral of the story don’t be an emotional tampon and you’ll be fine.


Get a Job

At first, I couldn’t even understand why I was told that I need a job. Look at the majority of people around you that work “jobs” do they seem happy. They go to sleep every Sunday dreading waking up to go the their soul crushing job. They spend all week dreaming about the weekend where they can finally let lose and engage in mundane activities (getting drunk, clubbing…).

I don’t want a Job. I don’t want to live for the weekend. I don’t want to be trapped answering to a dickhead boss whose ass I have to kiss or I might not see my paycheck.

All we really want is enough money to pay our bills, and do whatever we want when ever we want. We’re told that jobs is the way to achieve all of this. Have a look around and see if people with jobs are living the type of life they’re dreaming off. Look them long enough in the eyes and you’ll notice how blank and crushed they are.

Find ways to make money without having to deal with people you don’t like and no ass kissing.

Being told that having a job is a necessity for an adult and figuring out why that’s crap lead to me having trust issues.


Men Should Be More Emotional

This is exactly the situation we currently find ourselves in. Weak excuses for men talking about things being “inappropriate” or wanting to talk about their feelings, complaining and blaming everyone else for their misery. Then they wonder why they are perpetually single.

Instead of being little sissies, the correct path is to learn how to be a master of your emotions. It’s very hard for men, nearly impossible if you’re a woman.

Something that has really helped me better to manage my emotions is to always ask myself what triggers them? Around which types of people do I feel what emotions? How am I reacting? What’s my Posture?

Using lots of introspection and some techniques I learned from Gorilla Mindset, each and every day I am getting better at understanding my emotions and learning to use them instead of letting them use me.

Too many of us are constantly ruled by our emotions, we are shamed into acting a certain way, fear instilled in us to become dependent on the people that can take away that fear. It’s time take control of your emotions, create your own reality and live the life you want NOW.

Check out more from Cernovich, Author of Gorilla Mindset. His podcast is filled with wisdom, his blog will lead you to new ways of thinking and his book will help you become the master of your life.


Men Need Marriage

People are telling me from all directions that I should get married. It’s what defines a Man. A man is not complete until he is married. Yet when I look at married men’s lives, I would not trade places with them even for a minute.

The creation of marriage had nothing whatsoever to do with love. It was about joining two people together to expand empires, gain new allies, improve one’s social class or going a financial advantage. It was never about love. In recent times, marriage has come to mean a union between two people that love each other.

We’re so madly in love with each other so now let’s get the government involved to form the perfect love triangle.

If you’re a man living in a westernized country. I’d recommend against getting the government involved in your bedroom acrobatics.

According to the CDC in 2014, 6.8 out of a thousand people will marry while 3.6 out of a thousand are going to divorce. Basically your marriage won’t make it.

Add to the that injustices of divorce courts and they way they treat men you have a recipe for disaster if your perfect unions turns out to not be as magical as you thought. Apart from the fear of losing half of everything you own, we live in times where Judges will completely disregard prenups. If you have kids, even worse. They’re going to get drag through the dirt and they might also be taken away from you.

On paper nobody would sign up for such a thing. If your marriage goes south through no fault of your own, one person has the power to rip your balls out of your sack feed them to you, beat you to a pulp, take half your stuff then make you pay a monthly ex wife maintenance fee.

PS.  50% of women have a fall back partner incase their current relationship goes sour. They get into a marriage knowing it won’t work. If you’re positive that you’re in love and you’ve found “the one” why would you have a backup men waiting?

Getting lied to about marriage and then finding out the grim truth is why I have trust issues.


 Toxic Masculinity

According to the official definition, masculinity derived from masculine means: male || having qualities appropriate to or usually associated with a man. Therefore Toxic masculinity basically means men are born toxic.

I have a big problem with people that tell me there is something inherently wrong with me because I was born with a dick. They can all blow me with that nonsense. Bad people do bad things.

There is nothing toxic about masculinity. There are toxic people. People with minds polluted by negativity and chaos infecting everything in their path. Those people are the problem. Instead of pointing the blame at a whole gender, that energy would be better suited trying to figure out what circumstances and environments lead people to criminality.

Was it their childhood? Trauma they suffered growing up? A Negative environment? Those are all things that can be fixed unlike the way you were born.


The truth is out there. Question everything. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t follow advice of people you don’t want to be like. If you’re holding on to a belief that does more harm then good. Drop it! In this day and age, Ignorance is a choice. Stay educated & conquer life.


Until Next Time