You’re Learning Too Much

Dear Friend,

Ever since I’ve been out of college (biggest waste of time ever for me) it has been blatantly obvious that I have learned more on my own then I did through the four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars that were “invested” in my education. I’ve gone out of my way to seek out knowledge that will be beneficial to what I want to do. I’ve devoured everything I possibly can from blog posts, youtube videos, books, podcasts. You name it, I’ve probably done it. With all this information, I noticed that I haven’t been progressing at the rate that I want. One of the reasons is improvement is not linear and the other being that I’m learning too much and not implementing enough.

Is there such a thing as learning too much?

Yes and no. Although it’s safe to say Knowledge is Power, there still comes a point where what you know is useless. Who gives a fuck about what types of survival skills you’d need if you got stranded in the Sahara desert. Does it really matter who won the NBA playoffs or that you know every stat of each and every player on BOTH teams. The answer is a big fat NO for 99% of people. Unless your name is Bear Grills or you’re n NBA analyst. Those things don’t mean shit.

Time is priceless. You can never get back the countless hours you’ve spent “learning” things that don’t matter and won’t serve you at all in life.

There’s also another issue I’ve faced and I know for a fact lots of other people have faced it and some people still face it because I am not fucking unique. The issue of getting caught in a loop. The information you’re consuming is actually all good information, for example how to get leads for your business, writing copy that works, automating your business. All those are very good things to know.

The issues comes when you’re ingesting that kind of information but you don’t even have a business,. It’s good to know how to write copy that sells and ways to generate leads for your business… If you have a business.

I was absorbing information similar to that without even having a business. As good as all of things I was learning. They were completely useless because I wasn’t at that stage yet.

You should be learning only information relevant to your current situation

There is just too much information out there for you to think you can learn it all. The greatest solution I have found so far (forgot where I got it from) was to only learn information relevant to the current situation you’re in.

If you’re thinking about starting your first business, don’t read about sales funnels and generating revenue. First you must learn the foundations. It’s critical you start learning how to start a business, how to find a product to sell, how to find a relevant market. That information is what will be the most beneficial to you.

You can’t just skip steps and thing what you’re going to do will work. You must start at the basic and work yourself upwards. That is the only way to ensure you won’t quit or commit a major fuck up in the beginning stages.

Once you’ve actually started your first business only then can you start seeking out other information more relevant to your current situation. The foundations you build on must be strong for you to be able to progress to the next level adequately.

Spending more time learning than doing = procrastination



Sure you can hide under the façade that you’re actually trying to learn. Really you’re not. And you know it. What is learning if you cannot implement even one single thing from what or who you claim to be learning from.

In my own life, I’d find myself “learning” countless super amazing things. The only problem was I barely took enough action. Since figure this out, I have decided it would be the best use of my time to only focus on learning from sources that are directly applicable to my life in the present. Not 10, 100 years in the future but right now.

On top of that, when I’m actively learning any new material, I make it a point that I will spend more time executing what I have learned then actually learning the material.

Learning only the material that is relevant to your current situation will help you in taking more action. It will also help you to jump over pitfalls that you might have fallen down into. On top of even that, that is how you make breakthroughs.


Right now, I’m in the process of creating a workshop for street photography. I am working on the copy for the workshop that I’ll be holding within next week. I am limiting myself to only learning from sources that are relevant to my current situation. This means I’ve been learning a lot about writing copy, how things work on the business / artistic style.

Focusing on only what matters right now, is helping me figure out how to write the most convincing sale letter of all time. After I’m done with implementing what I’ve learned I will then start marketing and selling my workshops. This will lead me to learning every single thing I can find about running successful Ad campaigns and the psychology of sales. Most precisely why people buy and incorporating that to my workshops until I’m having success in it.

You get the picture. It’s not rocket science. Always learn things which are relevant to your current situation. This will help you to overcome the problems you will eventually be facing.


This will be of tremendous help. Problems are the cost of doing business. And it’s much better if you’re learning how to solve the problem instead of getting informed on “information you won’t be needing”.

Hope with this article I’ve been able to demonstrate to you that all the knowledge in the world is garbage if it has nothing to do with what you’re focusing =.


From the bed of Abdoulaye at 5:00am


Catch you later


P.S. Learning is simple. Learn the right tool at the right time and you’ll be able to overcome any problem life throws at you.