Boundaries of Steel

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From The Desk of Abdoulaye
New York City

Hello Friend,

We’re constantly bombarded with self proclaimed good people urging us to be tolerant and accepting. Although that sounds good on paper. I’m here today to tell you how it’s all a bunch of garbage and why your boundaries should be stronger than the claws of wolverine.

Gradual Weakening

They try to catch you early. The try to catch you young. They try to catch you when you’re not fully developed yet. Who is they you ask? They are the bad guys. The guys who want your boundaries to be as low as possible. The people who want you to be as tolerant as possible to allow them to do whatever they want in the guise of freedom.

The young and impressionable are the easy ones to convert over to their agenda. Which is why, kids in schools get indoctrinated. College kids get brainwashed. Abdoulaye, you’re sounding like a lunatic right now. Maybe, but I dare you to prove me wrong. Show me the error in my ways.

Until you’re an adult, your parents are meant to instill in you the sense of boundaries. Most parents fail at this, leading to schools taking advantage of their failure. We lack strong role models who stand up for what they believe is right. All we see is people folding under pressure. People getting bullied by the mob. People scared to speak up because they’ll get fired from their jobs.

We lack boundaries. Tolerance is a farce. Look at the state of the Western world right now. Majority of the problems are because of lack of boundaries.

I’m not advocating you become a degenerate who doesn’t give a shit about anything. I have to state that because there are always some idiots who want to take things to the extreme.

What You Need Boundaries In

You need boundaries on the people you surround yourself with. You should be a decent human being to everyone who is decent to you. If someone steps to you in a bad manner. CHECK THEM. Don’t let them disrespect you. That’s how you develop boundaries. If someone wants to be an asshole, that’s up to them. But if they brig that rubbish to you, YOU CHECK THEM. If they bring that rubbish to your tribe, YOU CHECK THEM. No more tolerating disrespect and bullshit.

Doesn’t matter if it comes from loved ones, family, or even your mother. You’re not here to be other peoples punching bag. If they do something you don’t like, YOU CHECK THEM. IF they won’t stop you remove yourself from that situation. This might mean you have to cut off some people you were cool with. It’s harsh but it needs to be done.

You need boundaries in the information you consume. I’m still amazed at how many people take the news seriously. News channels have been caught multiple times faking evidence, and flat out lying yet people still tune in to hear what they have to say,

If some information source has shown itself to be full of shit, how do you still listen to them? Get some boundaries. Don’t let these people play you for a fool.

You need boundaries on the food you allow yourself to consume. At this point in time, there is no excuse for eating unhealthy food. All the information you need to get your diet in order is out there. Yet we still have people consuming poison. Companies like Mosanto are out there pumping their foods full of toxic agents, and people are just eating that shit up.

Have some boundaries. Don’t eat food you know is slowly killing you. Don’t let these companies who are causing this chaos to get away with it. It’s time to step up.

You need boundaries on how you let the world treat you. Most people are way too tolerant this regard. They let their boss talk to them like slaves instead of giving that mfer one uppercut to the chin. They let their girlfriends cheat on them multiple times without breaking up with her. They get taken advantage of on their tinder dates by girls who do not want to bang them yet will take all their money.

Get some god damn boundaries. If you show up to a tinder date, and the chicks constantly on her phone, talking down to you and ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Get up and bounce. Firstly, you should not even be on tinder (that’s for another post).

If your boss is constantly overworking you like a slave, treating you like crap and calling you names. Simply quit and get out of there (you should be working for yourself anyways). Or if you’re brave and don’t care about the consequences. Get him in a chokehold and make him tap out by calling you your highness and then go bang his wife afterwards.

Get some testosterone in your system my friend. Grow some boundaries and enforce them. Enough of being a puppet. Enough of being used and abused. Enough of being lied to and poisoned. Time to step up and stop accepting things you do not like.

Until Next Time
Your man with plenty boundaries