Embrace the Darkness

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From The Desk of Abdoulaye
New York City

Dear friend,

Today I want to touch on a very important topic. Something not very well discussed elsewhere yet very very crucial. It has to do with the darkness within you. And if you read that and thought to yourself, “but I don’t have any darkness within me”. You’re a very dangerous person, and saying things like that shows why you should be locked up in a cage somewhere while you ruminate on your ignorance. Today, we’re going to learn why we need to embrace the darkness within us.

The Way of Evil

If there were no evil, there would be no good. And for you to claim there is nothing dark inside of you means you’re full of shit. It means you’re a liability and people should be extremely cautious around you.

I’m a good person. I don’t start violence against other people. I don’t go around bullying people weaker than me. I don’t go around pushing people around or intimidating people. But don’t let that fool you. I am completely capable of chocking a mfer out. If push comes to shove, I’d gouge out your eyeballs to save me skin or the people I care about without a second thought.

Sometimes when a random person steps on my shoes, I just wanna put them in a choke hold and squeeze until they’re about to pass out then let go. Sometimes when I’m walking down the streets and people bump into me, I wanna poke their eyes with needles since they don’t use them anyways.

I’m a sick twisted mfer. But I’m in control.

I know I’m capable of heinous atrocities. Yet I don’t commit anything. Most people will not admit something like this about themselves. Most people claim to be nice people who don’t think these kinds of thoughts.

Most people are full of shit.

Accept It

Most people won’t admit or accept that they’re capable of doing some cold hearted shit. They’ll fight tooth and nail to deny they are capable of this. Then next time you know, their wife cheated on them and they ended up shooting her twice in the head before shooting himself.

This happens because when the darkness arises, you have no idea how to deal with it. You’ve completely rejected it your whole life. Now that it’s finally here. It’s stronger than ever and it is going to be an overpowering force

Accept the darkness. Embrace the darkness. Learn how to control your darkness, or else it will eat you and get unleashed as a whirlwind of chaos into the world.

Don’t ever trust a person that hasn’t gained control of their darkness. Don’t ever trust a person who denies they harbor any darkness in them. Those are the most dangerous people as they are willfully blinding themselves to reality just so they can maintain a silly narrative they have concocted in their brains.

We all harbor darkness within us. The goal is the rise about the darkness. How can you do that if you lie to yourself that it doesn’t exist.

Do not fall victim to your darkness. Accept it so that you can conquer it.

Until next time
Your man who’s emerged from the Darkness