How Lying Is Destroying You

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From the desk of Abdoulaye
New York City

Dear friend,

Today, I want to touch upon a topic that has the potential to change your life forever.LYING.

A lot of people subscribe to the fact that a little white lie here and there is a requirement. I’m here to tell you that’s all bullshit. In the following article, I’ll break down how lying is destroying you.

Lying Is Destroying Your relationships

Don’t tell me you think your significant other would be better off if you kept the truth from them. You say how you don’t want to hurt their feelings. You lying mfer. Be honest for a second and you’ll realize you’re scared of facing the consequences of your true desires.

You’re scared of telling your woman how you want to bend her sexy best friend over and ravish her like an animal. You’re scared of telling your woman how you’d love to have a threesome with her and her sister if they are both down for it. And most of all, you’re scared of telling your woman that although you love her very dearly and you’d give her the heavens and the moon, you still want to bang other women. You can lie to her but you can’t lie to me.

Ladies, remember that one time your man introduced you to one of his friends and at the first sight of him you got wet like you’ve never been before. Weeks after that meeting you’d still imagine him when your man was doing you. You can hide it from your man, but you can’t hide it from me.

I get it. Coming out straight away and being completely vulnerable and open with your partner sounds like a dauntingly scary task because it is. Once you’re completely honest with them, you’ll finally get to see who they really are.

They said they love you with all their heart, but you were honest and told your man you wanted to hook up with his friend. You love your man and you don’t want to leave him, but his friend just makes your body react in a way you’ve never felt before. What are you to do?

Simple. What do you want to do? Do you want to hook up with his friend? How does your man feel about it? Can he handle it? If he can’t handle it, are you okay pushing those thoughts to the side? If not, do you have the strength to find another relationship with a man who’s more accepting of who you truly are?

Now instead of living a lie in your relationship, you’re communicating honestly with your partner and actually working on yourselves and your relationship. Lying will destroy your relationship. Own up to your desires and be honest in communicating them. What ever happens after is the best thing that could possibly happen.

Lying Is Destroying Your Career

Nothings worse than acting phony with people. Every time you do it, you die a little inside. It’s inevitable, repeatedly doing this will destroy your soul and you’ll turn into a miserable bitter human being.

A lot of people are stuck in jobs where they can’t express themselves truthfully because they will get fired. They are stuck fake smiling with a bunch of phony snakes who would not hesitate to cut their necks off in a flash to get that promotion but will also invite you to grab lunch with them.

Phony people are a cancer. Don’t be phony or you yourself will become terminally ill.

I get it, you can’t come right out and say what you want at your job, you’ll get fired. You’ve got kids to feed, credit cards to pay, mortgages to take care off and a constant stream of bills that need your income. The best course of action in a situation like this is to find an exit plan ASAP. That should be your priority.

All that phoniness is killing you. And the more you stay there, the bigger the disease will get. Find a way to get out of that situation, take another job, start your own business, do whatever it takes. Your sanity depends on it.

Lying Is Destroying Your Mind

The worst thing that lying does is it actually destroys you. The truth is how you decipher reality. And when you lie to yourself, you are willingly distorting reality. This in turn will lead you to a fictitious life. A life where up is left and down is right. Keep lying to yourself and you’ll reach a point where you’re completely out of touch with reality. So out of touch that even finding the hole you dug yourself into is harder than solving a maths equation you can’t even see written in an alien language you can’t even understand.

Under no circumstance should you ever lie to yourself. That’s the gravest sin you can possibly commit. Not only are you fucking yourself up, you’re also fucking up everyone who will come in contact with you.

Sure lying makes your life a bit easier on the front end, but you end up paying for all of those little white lies in the future. One lie, leads to another lie to cover the first lie, which leads to more lies to cover all the bullshit you’re making up. Don’t go through this. Don’t lie from the start.

I spent most of my childhood lying because it’s a genius way to get out of problems. After that I lied in relationships to get what I want because I felt if I told the truth, I wouldn’t end up getting what I want. Then I went on to smiling with phony people to get a measly paycheck. Lies, Lies, and more lies. It was a constant struggle trying to remember what I said so I don’t trip myself up. Worst of all, every time I told a lie, I felt like shit. I knew I did something I shouldn’t have done, but I kept on doing it.

Until a few years ago, I was listening to a Jordan Peterson video on youtube where he talks about why you should never lie. I started paying attention to what I said and nearly 90% of things that came out of my mouth were lies. I had to work my way up from that.

And I’m glad to say I’ve reached a point where I do not purposely say any falsehoods no matter what. This is a tremendous superpower. And I urge you to develop it as soon as you can.

Lying is destroying you. You have the power to stop that destruction. Will you?

Until next time
Your man