Protect Your Ears, Eyes & Mouth

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From the Desk of Abdoulaye
New York City

Dear friend,

I recently watched this killer youtube video by gorgeous Dre (it’s more than an hour long). It reinstated in my mind how methodically selective you have to be with the information you allow to enter your eco-system. In this article today, I am going to share with you exactly why you’re supposed to protect your ears, eyes & mind from toxic information.

Protect Your Ears From Toxic Mind Altering Noise

Everybody is aware of the power of sound. Listen to high tempo music and your heart rate rises. Listen to sad love songs and you feel sad and depressed. Listen to people praising you and watch how good and powerful you feel. Knowing this, It’s a bit shocking when people willingly subject their ears to sounds which put them in a negative state of mind.

If your emotions are in a negative downwards spiral in the current moment, I want you to pay attention to the types of sounds you hear every day. What type of music are you listening to? What types of conversations are you having? How do people talk about you? How do you talk about yourself? What types of information do you hear? Do you listen to the news and get depressed about the state of the world, or do you listen to powerful podcast that make you want to win at life?

Guard your ears from garbage noise like your life depends on it because it does. Life is wonderful and full of abundant success for everyone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t pieces of human garbage out there who are trying very hard to distort your view of the world through the sounds they produce in the hopes that you get addicted to listening to them.

There’s a war on your mind going on. A very large percentage of the population has already been taken over by the sounds they’ve been hearing for years and years. They’ve been so taken over by these powerful sounds that they are now producing them themselves.

If you’re reading this article and any of it still makes sense, there is still hope for you as long as you put in the work and filter every single sound you hear and make sure it’s in alignment with the type of life you want to lead. Protect your mind from toxic mind altering noise because your life depends on it.

Protect Your Eyes From Unsightly Visions

The things you see on a constant basis shape your reality. Why do you think advertisers pay millions of dollars to have their ads displayed in prominent position with lots of eyeball traffic? Their ads are created in such a way that the people they are targeting have an emotional reaction to what they are shown. Now that the ad makes you feel something, it can direct that feeling to make you do what they wanted you to do from the get-go. Buy their product, sign up for their service, vote, what ever they want.

It’s very important for you to protect your eyes from seeing things that are a detriment to the way you want to live life. You’re constantly bombarded with imagery and videos designed to indoctrinate you in a way of life contrary to the one you want.

Don’t you find it odd when you watch videos of people acting like degenerates on a regular basis you end up seeing more degenerates in your life. Don’t you find it odd when you’re constantly watching videos about the gender pay gap and how women have always been considered second class citizens you actually start believing that crap. Don’t you find it odd when you watch Maury, CNN/Fox/CNBC…, and all other shows or programs who portray the negative aspects of people you end up having a life similar to the ones you saw on TV.

What you see is a high percentage of the type of life you will experience. Make sure to see beauty, make sure to see love, make sure to see wealth, make sure to see success and your life will be a direct reflection of all of those things. Protect your eyes from unsightly mind-numbing visions because your life depends on it.

Protect Your Mouth From Poisonous Foods and Bad Magic Spells

Everybody knows the importance of a healthy diet, yet not a lot of people adhere to that knowledge. That’s like knowing if you cross this line your foot will get chopped off sometime in the future, and you cross it anyways because what’s beyond that line is so delicious (shitty diabetes joke). It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat eater, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, your diet should consists of clean healthy whole foods.

Cut out all the processed junk. Cut out the excess carbs, and for the love of God cut out sugar. That’s the devil incarnated. The food industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. The majority of the shit being sold is pure garbage. Garbage meant to fill your brain with glucose, garbage that tastes good but leaves you hungry, addicted and making your body work on overdrive to digest some shit it doesn’t even know how to.

The food you eat dictates the life you lead. Shitty food will leave you depressed lacking energy with a face full of pimples and a wrecked hormonal system. Your cup of coffee with milk and 6 sugars is costing your way more than the $3 you spend for it.

On top of paying attention to what goes inside your mouth, it’s also good to pay attention to the things that come out of it.

Words are magic spells. The words you use to speak are very important because they are a window to the way your mind works. If all you say is cuss words, if you speak for 30 minutes but say nothing, and if after you’re done speaking people want to jump off a cliff head first rather than listening to you speak again. My friend, you’ve got some work to do. Speak in a way that you feel empowered. Speak in a way that draws people in. Speak in a way that you bring everyone up. Words are magic spells. Use them wisely.

Protect your ears, eyes and mouth because they are the keys to your universe. What they see, hear, eat and say has tremendous power. If you’re not paying attention to what goes into them, you can be damn sure that others know exactly what they are putting out there for you to consume. Protect these things like your life depends on it because it does.

Until Next Time
Your Man