Rejection Doesn't Matter

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From The Desk of Abdoulaye
New York City

Dear Friend,

Rejection stops so many people from getting to the next level and achieving their dreams. In the following post, I’ll show you why rejection doesn’t exist and how you can destroy it once and for all. Rejection doesn’t matter, time to step up and overcome that limiting belief.

What Are You Really Afraid Of?

I’m about to tell you a little awkward story about myself from when I was 23. I had just landed in NYC after college (huge waste of time). I was brand new in the City. Didn’t know a single person. Coming from a boring suburb in Michigan to the big apple there was a huge change. My college was an engineering college. It was 75% men and 15% women.

To say those were shitty odds is a gigantic understatement. In NYC, I was flooded with an endless stream of beautiful women as far as the eyes can see. After a catastrophic dry spell from college, my hormones were firing on all cylinders. Ya boy wanted to be a legendary pimp. The problem was, lil Abdoulaye couldn’t even walk up to a chick and say Hi.

Fast forward a bit later, I had landed on a fringe community, the pickup community. Awww shit, the dream of being a pimp was back on track. I was about to hit up the streets and start macking on honnies with my new acquired superpowers.

I learned how to dress better (was never bad to start with), learned how to start conversations with strangers, learned how to tell interesting stories, learned what to do on dates, learned how to manage three girlfriends, I also learned how to steal girls from guys. With all this information in my brain, I was ready to get this pimp career rolling.

I hit the streets of manhattan, chicks everywhere, this was going to be a piece of cake. Boy was I so wrong.

The anxiety I felt when I decided to go up and talk to a woman I found beautiful on the streets were crippling. My palms would sweat uncontrollably, my heart would beat like I was in fucking danger. I’d start sweating no matter how cold the weather was.

For the first three weeks after I learned what I had to do, I could not talk to a single woman. I would go out every single day, spend hours upon hours upon hours walking the streets of NYC. Sometimes I’d spend a good 10 hours outside. I would talk to zero girls. ZERO.

The fear of rejection was too much to bear. At the end of every night I’d go home feeling like a fucking failure. You loser, how can you not talk to even a single woman. And you were talking all this big shit. Man the fuck up Abdoulaye. I’d swear to myself I’d do better next time.

Next time comes. I end up doing the same bullshit again. Walking the streets for hours. Seeing women I wanted to talk to. Follow them for a big to man up and talk to them. Start feeling like a creep for following her. Stop following her and feel like a loser because I can’t talk to a woman.

This sick cycle repeated itself for about three weeks. Was unable to do anything. I was totally consumed by fear. It had made me it’s little bitch.

Breaking The Pattern

I had enough. three weeks of walking the streets of NYC until my feet would hurt. three weeks of seeing thousand of beautiful women I was attracted to and not being able to open my mouth to utter even a single hello. I’m cringing just at the thought of how pathetic I used to be.

Until one day I had enough. I AM NOT GOING HOME UNTIL I TALK TO A BABE EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. I will remember that day until the day I die. I had fucking ENOUGH. I walked the streets for hours “building my confidence” (more like making excuses for why I couldn’t execute). I made excuses until it was getting late. The sun had already set. I had already walked by thousands of women I was attracted to and did not approach.

I was getting sick of myself. What the fuck are you afraid of? What the hell is the worst that can happen? You’ll get rejected. So what? she’ll make fun of you can call you an ugly loser. So what? She’ll look at you up and down with disgust while rolling her eyes. So fucking what? Is that going to kill you? No. So shut the fuck up, grab your balls, make sure you have them. No go talk to a fucking girl.

As you can see, I was beating myself up pretty hard. I was sick and tired of my bullshit.

My resolve was made. I’m not going home a failure again. I’m not letting fear beat me again. I am not disappointing myself again. I AM GOING TO TALK TO A FUCKING GIRL.

That’s when I saw here waltzing down the street in her tight jeans that accentuate her butt, her little leather jacket and hair tied up in a bun. Fuck she was hot. My feet just started moving towards her. I jog in front of her, motion with my hand for her to stop and remove her headphones with a slight smile across my face.

“Hey, I just saw you from over there and I had to come over and say how beautiful you look”.

Next thing you know, I have her disrobing in the middle of the streets and we’re engaged in some filthy sexual scenario while onlookers cheer us one.


We ended up having a quick little chat. She tanked me for the compliment, we talked a bit about where she’s from, where I’m from. I cracked a few jokes, she laughed, she told me she had a boyfriend (she proved it to show she wasn’t lying, maybe my face look like I thought she was blowing me off), a bit more pleasantries then we were off our separate ways.

After the interaction, I felt like my dick grew a good 20 inches, I felt like I had giant gorilla balls and the testosterone levels of a killer whale. I was over the fucking moon.

Yeaaaaaaaa bitch.. Ya boy is a savage. I was feeling myself really hard.

In that one moment where I had decided to act despite my fears, despite all the negative scenarios running in my brain my life changed forever.

I broke through to a new level. I conquered my fear of rejection, made it my bitch and became a fucking man.

I acted despite how terrified I was. This thought me a very important lesson.

You don’t cure the fear of rejection by mental rationalizations and gymnastics trying to figure out a way to trick your brain into not having that fear. The only way to cure the fear of rejection is by pushing forwards despite the fear. It’s by going for what you want despite how terrified you might be. It’s by doing that you overcome the fear of not doing.

Quite simple right!

Until Next time
Your man, the Pimp Supreme