Stand Up for Yourself

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Dear Friend,

It amazes me at the sheer amount of people I encounter wether it’s online or in the person who have a problem with standing up for their self. In the following post, I am going to break down why it is an absolute necessity for you to stand up for yourself and the consequences you can experience if you don’t.

What happens when you don’t stand up for yourself

Nothing good at all happens from this inability to stand up for yourself. You slowly die inside until there is nothing left. No matter who it is that is perpetrating shit to you, you need to stand up for yourself. it’s stupid to think that someone else will be there to do it for you.

If you’re standing in line somewhere and someone just cuts right in front of you, you’d better speak up and say something about it. I’ve seen that situation multiple times and rather then ask the person who they think they are before putting them in their place, the “victims” would rather look around to make sure if anybody else saw what just happened.

It’s not an uncommon scene to see someone getting treated like complete shit by another person and then the person being treated like use some fantastic mind gymnastics to rationalize why they deserved to be treated badly even through no fault of their own instead of telling their abuser to go fuck themselves.

When you don’t stand up for yourself, you die inside. You are not acting in accordance to your truth which will have a negative effect on your psyche. When you do not stand up for yourself, you are demonstrating to yourself how weak you are which will in turn make you even weaker.

Look at people that get bullied. The majority never stand up for themselves which in turn tells the bully they are bullying the right person. Someones that doesn’t make noise and won’t cause trouble to the bully. So they keep on getting bullied until the day they finally decide to stand up for themselves. And guess what, the bully stops bullying them and moves on to someone else until that person stands for themselves.

Just these little examples show you how horrible of an idea it is to not stand up for yourself.

Why You Should Stand Up For Yourself

First of all standing up for yourself shows that you have some damn self respect. If you have good self esteem, you will not stand by and let people trample all over you. You will stand up for yourself and show them that type of shit doesn’t fly around here.

Standing up for yourself builds character. If you are getting bullied and you stand up to your bully, it might be scary initially but you are building a stronger character by doing that. You’ll be able confront your problems instead of hiding from them. Which will in turn make you stronger so that you can conquer those problems in the event that they will arise again.

Standing up for yourself shows you what you’re made off. Maybe this whole time you could beat up the bully that was messing with you but you didn’t know because you let your fear be in control. When you stand up for yourself, you discover a part of you that you might not have been aware off.

When you’re capable of standing up for the injustice you suffer in life, you will build up enough strength to eventually be able to stand up to the injustice other people suffer. But before you can do that, you need to be able to stand up for yourself.

If you can’t stand up for yourself, what are you going to do when you have kids and you need to teach them the ways of life. You’ll end up passing all your insecurities to them as well.

How To Stand Up For Yourself

The simplest way to stand up for yourself is to SPEAK UP. Even when you don’t know how to speak up, just do it. Your voice might tremble, even when it does you still need to speak up. Eventually you will find your voice and be able to stand up to adversity much easier than the first time you did. The power of speech is one of the most valuable gifts humans have. Use it.

If you’re getting bullied, sometimes even a simple “leave me alone” will be enough to get the perpetrator away from you.

Another powerful way to stand up for yourself is through the use of of sub communication. At times all it really takes is for you to take one good look at the perpetrator while maintaining eye contact, and they won’t even think twice about trying to start something with you.

Another even more powerful way to stand up for yourself is through hitting the gym and lifting weights. No body picks on guys that look like they lift. Nobody wants to pick on a guy that looks like he can hold his own. People usually want to pick on someone that looks weak. If you lift weights and take good care of yourself. You won’t appear weak and it will deter people from starting shit with you because there’s a possibility you might be a dangerous person.Removing yourself from the situation in a deferent

Only be violent if that’s your absolute last option. You’d rather walk away and look like a bitch. Violence is only an option if you’re back’s against the wall and you’re life is in danger. Apart from that learn how to stand up for yourself in none violent ways.

I hope this article has showed you why it is of the upmost importance that you know how to stand up for yourself. The more you fix yourself up, the greater impact you’ll be able to contribute. It all starts with you.. Help yourself before you start helping others.

From the bed of Abdoulaye

P.S. Seriously, learn how to stand up for yourself.