Stop Making Excuse

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From the New York Public Library
42nd ST New York City

Dear friend,

I tell you I’m just sick and tired of hearing them. Everybody had they for all types of occasions. They are ready to pull them out their ass at a moments notice. I was one of them too. But I got sick of my own shit. You ain’t gonna be hearing no excuses from me. And you should do the same.

Admit You Just Don’t Give a Fuck

Why do you make excuses? I won’t make any assumptions about you. When I make excuses it’s because I don’t give a rats ass about whatever I’m making excuses about.

If I make an excuses about not going to the gym. I don’t give a shit about going to the gym, I don’t care about the state of my body. Who cares about gains. I made an excuses because I wanted a way out of going to the gym without admitting to myself I didn’t care about going to the gym. It’s a never ending loop of bullshit. One that I now avoid.

Excuses are the tools of the weak. If I want to do something, I’ll find every single reason in the book why I need to do it no matter what. If I don’t want to do something, I’ll find all excuses in the book and even go as far as creating a new excuse book just to avoid doing the things I don’t care about.

If you invite me out to an event I don’t want to go to, I’ll tell you NO. I won’t make up rubbish excuses to get out of it. I’ll tell you straight up I do not want to go to your event.

If I don’t want to go to the gym today, I won’t make excuses for why I didn’t go. I won’t say how I’m sore from the previous workout, or how the gym will be crowded at this time, I’ll just admit to being a lazy slob that day and I’ll admit to not wanting to go instead of lying to myself about it.

Stop with the bullshit my friend.

Aren’t you tired of constantly making excuses. There’s an easy fix for this.

Own It. Embrace it. Become it.

Simple right. Own your fucks ups, own your shortcomings, own your fears, own your inadequacies, own it all. Yes it’s simple but it’s not easy. This will take work.

It’d doable do don’t falter.

Stop making excuses. Stop wasting precious brain power coming up with nonsensical excuses to get out of situations or to appease your ego. Strat saying NO.

It’s a very powerful word not used enough.

Answers all questions you can with a NO. This doesn’t mean if someone asks you what time it is you say NO. It simply means, if someone invited you out to dinner and you don’t want to go, don’t tell them your dog is sick. Just say NO.

No need to explain yourself. The NO will suffice. Excuses are the tools of the weak. You’re not weak. You think big so stop making excuses for yourself.

Embrace the you wants to say no.

We get sucked into so many engagements we do not want to partake in because we fear the repercussion of what will happen if we say no. Embrace those repercussions. If you don’t feel like it, don’t do it. Say no. Don’t make excuses.

No I do not want to talk to your mother on the phone, No I will not work extra hours this week, no I won’t lend you money. Got a problem with it? Tough luck. No more doing what you don’t want to do.

If the answer isn’t hell yess, it’s NO.

Maybe’s don’t exist in the world of people who get shit done. Yes or no. No dabbling, no in-between, and definitely no excuses.

Until Next Time
Your Man who makes no Excuses