The One Requirement for Success

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From the bed of Abdoulaye
New York City

Dear friend,

We all want success in life. Success in everything we do. We want to succeed in sports, we want to succeed in business, we want to succeed in fitness and we want to badly succeed in our dating lives.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that successful people know. It’s so obvious. It’s staring at you right in the face. You might have even used in a few times to get really good at something really fast.

There is one big requirement for success. If you do not have this one thing, might as well just give up right now. If you don’t have this one important personality trait, find something else cause you will fail.

As soon as the going gets though you will quit. As soon as you start feeling lethargic, as soon as you fall sick, as soon as you lose motivation to keep going forward you will fail. Unless you possess this one requirement.

This requirement is Obsession.

Be Obsessed or Be Average

That heading above is up there as one of the greatest sayings of all time. Coined by Grant Cardone, Be obsessed or Be Average is just what it is.

If you want to succeed at anything then my friend, you have to be obsessed by it. It has to consume you. You have to spend day and night thinking about it. You have to eat it, dream it, wear it and make sweet love to it.

You know how I thought myself photography? I became obsessed with it. I consumed every video on the topic I could find. Ordered my camera on amazon. And before I even received it, I knew what the exposure triangle was, I knew the rule of thirds, I knew how to shoot panning shots. I was completely obsessed with it. I’d stay up late at night just learning how to create dope images. I’d look up what made the best images, I’d look up how the best did it, I’d look up what cameras they use. I’d look up all types of things.

I would forget to eat, I would forget to shower, I would forget to get out of bed. I forgot everything except photography. Within three months of having never done photography before, I was already a monster at it and had a few paying clients under my belt.

I didn’t rely on any motivation, I didn’t rely on any tools and tricks. All I had was pure obsession. Nothing could have stopped me from mastering what I set out to do. Be obsessed or be average.

The Time Is Now

There’s a lot of things you want to accomplish. There’s not enough time in the day to do all of them. Here’s a simple hack for that. What moves you the most? What do you drift towards the most? Once you find out what that is, grab a journal and start writing.

In that journal, you’re going to write in explicit detail why it is you want to achieve success in that thing you figure out from above. You’re going to write why it is you want success in it. On top of that, you’re also going to write how your life will change once you have success in that endeavor.

Writing this down has the goal of getting you very emotionally charged when you think about your goal. Now multiple times a day, you are going to look at what you’ve written to remind yourself of where your priorities lie. This is how you get and stay obsessed at something. You’re going to remind yourself constantly why you want it and how amazing it will feel to have it. This is all the motivation you will ever need.

This is how obsession is formed. Looking at what you’ve written multiple times a day will cement it inside of your brain. This will lead to you achieving your goal way quicker than you think. This will drive your obsession. This will be the key to your success.

What Happens When You’re Not Obsessed

Be obsessed or be average. If you’re average, your goals take forever to get accomplished. That’s even if you end up completing them in the first place. When you’re average, you rely on motivation to get work done. When you aren’t motivated you don’t work. You take breaks all the time. You can spend weeks not doing anything towards your goals. Being average sucks.

When you’re average, you’re always finding excuses for why you should not work. When you’re average, doing the work is something that’s not pleasurable to you. When you’re average, you’re not even sure what you want or why you want it. Being average makes you quit at the slightest sign of resistance or failure. Being average sucks. Don’t be average.

There’s only one way to achieve your goals the fastest way possible and that’s by being obsessed. Don’t waste your time doing things you have to force yourself to take action on.

The motto is be obsessed or be average. Obsession is your only salvation. Being obsessed on your goals is how you’ll manage to do whatever it takes to make them happen.

If you want to be great at life, if you want to achieve the things you set out to achieve, if you want to be remembered at something, you’ve got one option. Become obsessed at it. This will give you all the drive you need to make it a reality. No matter what obstacles come in your way, your obsession will give you the strength to power through and turn shit into gold.

Being average is a shitty life to lead. Unless that’s what you want. And if it is, please stop reading this blog. This is a blog for extraordinary people. We don’t do average around here.

Until next time
Your man


P.S, I’d love to know what you’re obsessed by. Drop me a comment and let me know.