Think Bigger or Don't Think At All

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From The New York Public Library
New York City

Dear friend,

You’re thinking way too small. I can assure you of that. Recently I thought I was thinking big. Truthfully, I was thinking bigger than I usually think. Yet, I found out I was thinking way way smaller then I should be. I walked into a deal talking talking about five figures, the guys I was in a deal with were talking eight, nine, ten figures easy. Imagine how small that made me realize I was thinking. Since that day, I’ve been thinking much much bigger and I want to show you how you can do the same.

One thing leads to another thing

How you think in one area is how you think in other areas. If you think small about your work, you will think small about your worth and you will think small about your life.

If you think big in one area, you think big in other areas. If you think highly in basketball even if you suck, you’ll think big in anything else you’re involved in.

A specific pattern of thinking leads to more patterns of thinking in the same direction.

Once I got out of that deal where I was thinking five figures and other were thinking eight, nine, ten figures, I asked myself in what other areas wasn’t I thinking big in?

Once I started pondering that questions, I realized how deeply thinking small was engrained in me. Why was I thinking small? Was it because I’m afraid If I think too big, I won’t be able to achieve the things I’m thinking about?

Maybe do I just have a small mindset who settles on the easy comfortable stuff? Am I not meant to think big? Who am I really, I’m just a normal guy.

I had to cut the excuses right there. They were pilling up and it was starting to stink really bad. I had to cut the bullshit before I got swallowed by it.

I am meant for big things. I will achieve big things.

I won’t get there by thinking small. I had to start thinking big in everything I did. Aiming to make $10k a month in income. Scratch that. Let’s do $100k a month.

Aiming to own a the new benz. Don’t make me laugh, a private jet sounds much much better.

Thinking about having a loving beautiful girlfriend, too small. How about four loving girlfirneds devoted to you

Start thinking big. Enough with getting by. Enough of just doing the bare minimum to survive. Go big or go home.

Now you’re starting to think big. It doesn’t just stop there. Now you’ve got to match your big bold thoughts with even bigger bolder actions.

What steps are you going to take to make all your thoughts come true. Think super big. Think so big you seem like a lunatic to small thinkers.

Once you’ve done that, break down those big thoughts. What actions can you do that will lead you a step closer to achieving your thoughts?

If we’re being honest, even your problems are too small. Your problems revolve around you. How can I get out of this, or how can I make sure things like this stop happening to me.

Small scale problems.

How can I make sure my country stays fed, How do I eradicate homelessness, how do I make sure no kid ever goes without food to the point of starvation???

Those are big scale problems. Little scale problems focus on you, big scale problems solve issues concerning the world.

The bigger you think, the bigger impact you can have in the world. Stop thinking small.

Until Next Time
Your man, who’s always thinking Bigger,